Bonjour Paris!

(My travelling outfit)
Just the word Paris conjures up thoughts of cobbled streets, grand parisian buildings, little patisseries filled with sugary goodness and the height of fashion. So when my friend suggested we go to Paris for her 21st birthday I was quick to agree with her. However, my thoughts of being chic and glamourous were ruined as I walked off of the plane and into gale force winds and torrential rain. 
Instead of getting a taxi from the airport to our hotel we decided to experience Paris as many other Parisians do; by train. The first train that we got was scary. At first we were the only people on this train and the dark and dreary look of it was a little off putting, not the mention the ash that was all over the ledges. 
A little later the train began to fill up and much to our astonishment a group of French men began to smoke (right underneath a no smoking sign). Myself and my friend spent the entire journey telling each other that this would never happen on the tube. 
We then had to tackle the metro which was a whole new experience. Never again will I moan about the tube. 
(We took a taxi back to the airport to save ourselves from having to relive this journey). 
After dropping our bags off at the hotel we decided to explore, however we stupidly decided to walk. We ended up getting drenched and were very cold. After seeing the Notre Dame and the pont de I’Archeveche we jumped on the metrol to the Champs Elysees where we had dinner and wandered around some of the shops. 
Our first, and only, night in Paris was not how we had envisioned. We had thought we would be sat in a bar sipping cocktails. Instead we found ourselves sat on the edge of the bath in our hotel soaking our feet in warm water and bath salts. 


The following day our feet were almost feeling recovered and so after coffee and a pain au chocolat we went in hunt of the Eiffel Tower. Eventually we got there (after getting lost a few times) and decided to take the lift up rather than attempting the stairs and halfway up realising we’re scared of heights. 

The Eiffel Tower is amazing in person. It’s so much bigger than I had imagined. 


After what seemed like a life time of going up in the lift we finally reached the top. The view was astonishing as you looked around to see all of Paris stretched out in front of you. 
The view was breathtaking, despite the rain and fogginess. It was definitely worth the trip and thankfully I managed to suppress my fear of heights. 
My trophy ‘I made it to the top picture’. 
I’m still in awe of this view, it was perfect. 
After the Eiffel Tower we went to the Louvre, however the queue was so long that we didn’t have time to go in. Instead we had a walk around the indoor shopping centre and brought some macaroons and coffee. 
The macaroons were delicious. They melted in your mouth and the filling was so sweat and creamy. I’d happily spend the rest of my life eating these macaroons. 


About an hour before we had to leave the rain finally stopped and so we sat in a little Parisian garden in the centre of a street and enjoyed watching people. However, when we saw a few rats run across the path we decided it was probably time we headed to the airport to catch our flight home.
Au revoir 















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