At the beginning of this year I compiled a list of things that I wanted to do before we hit 2015 and going on holiday with my best friend was one of them. After weeks and weeks, if not months, of looking at potential places we settled on Malta. I’ve never been there before but my friend has and so had a little idea of where we were etc…
After nearly missing our flight and a crazy taxi journey to the hotel I realised just how beautiful Malta is. 
This was the view from the roof of our hotel, our balcony also looked out onto the sea. The deep blue water glittered under the sun’s rays and the entire place was beautiful. 


One night we found ourselves sat on our balcony talking until 4 in the morning and so we decided not to go to bed but to go and see the sunrise instead. This had to have been one of the best decisions we had ever made. 


We saw only a few solitary runners and keen dog walkers at that time of the morning and the place was silent except for the sound of the sea. Slowly the sun began to rise and the sky transformed into a pink glow. It was a sight that I’m sure I will never forget. 


This was also the first time I used my new polaroid camera and I have to say I adore it. I owned a polaroid camera many years ago when I was younger and remember pretending to be somebody famous and having their picture taken. Now, thankfully, my pictures are no longer of an eight year old me whose attempt at looking famous was incredibly embarrassing. 


After spending a few days by the pool we decided to venture out to Golden Bay. As we didn’t have a car we had to take buses which was a whole new experience in itself. Malta’s roads are very winding and hilly so when compared with a bus it leads to a rather uncomfortable journey! However, we successfully figured out which bus we needed and made it to the beach. 
The sea was freezing but after an hour or two we managed to get in it, both shivering and wondering how everybody else appeared to be enjoying themselves. 


The first night we planned on going out for dinner was a little bit of a failure as we both fell asleep at about 4pm and when we woke neither of us felt like getting ready to go out. The second attempt however was slightly more successful. We stopped ourselves from sleeping and instead blasted music and got ready. After many outfit changes I settled on this playsuit (boohoo), full length cardigan (Primark) and clutch bag with skulls over it (Religion). 


I made the huge mistake of being adventurous that night. My gin cocktail turned out to taste just like cough syrup and my spinach and ricotta ravioli turned out to be rabbit ravioli. As a vegetarian this revelation did not go down well and I was very grateful I had only taken a teeny bite before asking a waiter if this was what I had actually ordered. 


On a more positive note the starter that we had was amazing! It was a platter of bruschetta and garlic bread. 


One day we decided to be particularly adventurous and booked ourselves onto a tour. One of the places we visited was Ta Qali Craft Village. This was however slightly dangerous and led to quite a lot of accidental shopping, whoops! 


We then decided to be brave and venture into the catacombs. However, after seeing some bones and realising that we were alone down there we made a quick exit. 


We did, however, spot this charming scene on our way out. For some reason there was a statue’s head lying next to a no entry sign. Needless to say our walk out of the catacombs turned into more of a run. 


Back out in the open we went to the town of Mdina which was by far the most beautiful place I have ever visited. The quaint streets all wound their way around the centre in which stood the cathedral. 


Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to go into the cathedral but we did enjoy spending time admiring it from the outside. 


It wasn’t always fine dining and close calls with rabbit, we often ate at our apartment. Our usual meal being pasta, crisps, coke and a beer. Not quite as classy as we often imagine ourselves to be, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with pasta and beer!


A local bar did the most amazing cocktails! After trying their mojito, super berry mojito, sex on the beach and bellini I have to say that I can’t choose a favourite. 


Our hotel had the most amazing heated indoor pool which was a heavenly change from their outdoor pool which always felt like you were jumping into a bath of ice. After spending the day in the sun we loved nothing more than to have a dip in this pool, followed by a few minutes in the sauna. 
Our final night was spent having dinner out at this restaurant which had the most beautiful view as the sun set. Below us was a bar in which there was live music and a few couples were dancing. After watching these professionals dance myself and my friend decided we’re going to take dance classes. However, being as clumsy and uncoordinated as we are I can’t see us surviving past the first class. 
This holiday was by far my favourite holiday and has opened my eyes to the beauty of Malta. Without a doubt I would love to visit there again and have the time to see more of the island. I hope everybody else enjoys their summer holiday as much as I have!


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