Have a hopping Easter! ðŸ’

This was last Easter’s master piece! Unfortunately this Easter I am away from home so I’m reminiscing instead.

As I am away from home I don’t have access to the original recipe but it’s one from Tanya Burr’s book.

However, this cake can be recreated using a simple Victoria sponge mix which can be found here.

Once you have made enough mixture for three tiers split the mixture between 3 bowls and add the food colouring (it will require a lot!). I used Dr Oetker gel colourings and used approximately a tube per bowl.

At this point some of the mixture may look like angel delight and you may want to tuck it but I promise it’ll be worth the wait!

Don’t panic when the sponges come out of the oven, the outsides won’t be vibrant! (I had quite a breakdown at this stage thinking I’d used all that food colouring and all it had done was turn my cakes into mouldy looking lumps 🙄).

The next stage was to add a crumb coat of buttercream icing. The cake was then placed in the fridge (after a huge clear out so it would fit!) for 30 minutes before adding the final layer of icing.

Being Easter I couldn’t resist decorating this cake with a chocolate bunny and some mini eggs 😍 I’d like to think that if I made this again it might look slightly more professional 🙄

It was definitely a nice little Easter treat! To make it even more holiday appropriate you could melt white chocolate into the cake mixes 😍


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