Running away from my life

I’ve been a little bit absent on here lately and I would like to apologise to all five(!) of my readers! This blog was set up for myself so that I could look back at my journey of becoming gluten free, however at this point in my journey I would also now like to record my life to look back on, hopefully in happier times. Realising that I was gluten intolerant came at a very difficult time of my life and to this day I am still struggling with it.

My favourite thing to do of a weekend would be to go out to eat. Whether it be lunch in a cute little cafe or dinner at a local pub, it was my weekend treat. Food is a particular passion of mine and although I love to cook I also love to eat out. When I’m out I enjoy the food and the tastes for what they are, whereas if I have cooked a meal I’m constantly going over the flavours  analysing how I can improve it for next time. Since beginning my gluten free diet I have felt so much better which makes the sacrifices bearable but sometimes it really hits me how much I have had to give up.

My biggest problem is that I am not only gluten intolerant but also vegetarian and have been for around 12 years. Over the last few years vegetarianism has come on leaps and bounds and eating out is a real joy and chance to experience new foods and flavours. After having struggled over the years with finding vegetarian options it almost feels like  a bit of a sick joke to now be lumbered with trying to find gluten free alternatives too.

Unfortunately 2018 has not been a very happy year for me, yes a handful of happy things have happened but they do not outweigh the bad.

I went into 2018 on a real negative, after having studied for 4 years in my chosen field I then discovered that I hated the actual job. At the end of 2017 I landed a temporary job in that particular field. Despite coming home every night and crying about how much I hated it I stuck the job out until it came to an end about a month ago.

One particular night during this period I received a call from my mum, this particular call is one I will never forget. My dad had been involved in a very traumatic accident. I am incredibly grateful and humbled by the emergency services that came to our aid that night and can only thank them as my dad is still with us today. However the flashbacks of that night still live with me, the sight of my dad being put into the back of an ambulance and the sound of the air ambulance hovering above should they be needed. These are memories that I think will be with me for quite a while.

This particular night was the closest that I have ever come to losing somebody close to me and whilst I understand I am incredibly lucky it has also left its mark on me.

Halfway through 2018 and I am trying to pull my life back together. My dad’s accident taught me that life is precious and you should strive to be as happy as you can each and every day. I am yet to figure out how I can reach my goals, my favourite option was to just run away (however Google wasn’t much help when I asked how you can run away from your life at 23 with no job or money…) I very much hope that this time next year I can look back at this post from a happier and more positive position.

I apologise for how negative this post has been but for myself I wanted to record this point in my life. I am in search of my baking motivation to upload another recipe soon!


6 thoughts on “Running away from my life

  1. Sorry about your father’s accident. Hubby was in a near fatal accident about 20 years ago. Was cut out with the jaws of life. It was one of his 9 lives.
    Now we have to be positive, as we are so fortunate to have them.

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    1. It’s an incredibly traumatic experience to go through! We’ve tried to see the positive side that we’re lucky he’s still with us as opposed to unlucky it happened!


  2. I’m sorry to hear about your Dad – it’s the call that none of us ever want to receive isn’t it? My Dad suffered a heart attack earlier this year and it really puts things into perspective for you. I didn’t find out until after it happened but seeing him so ill in hospital is an image I’ll never forget. It makes you realise how short life is and to appreciate the people we have around us! xx

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