I was Glutened in Wales and a (really rubbish) 70th Birthday Cake

As I signed off on my last blog post I told you that I was off to Wales and said I would keep you updated. I had envisioned a post full of pictures of the beautiful scenery and lots of tales about the food. However, things didn’t quite go to plan!

My boyfriend promised me a trip to the best chip shop in Wales. He had been going there throughout his childhood so I was expecting big things. My hopes were high as we spent half an hour queuing to get these chips. We then walked down to the beach with our bundles of hot chips. I scoffed them down without a second though.

A few hours later I was beginning to feel very unwell and was unable to go out for the meal that we had planned. Unfortunately I spent the rest of our time there feeling ill and with very little energy. The chips were the only thing that I had eaten that could possibly have contained gluten.

My boyfriend has family in Wales so no doubt we’ll be back up there soon and I can complete the blog post that I had hoped for!

We came home from Wales just in time for my grandad’s 70th birthday. I had pre-baked the sponges and left them in the freezer as I didn’t get home until midnight the night before the party.

The sponges were a plain gluten free with milk and dark chocolate chips. I kept it plain as it had to suit the tastes of a lot of people!

Decorating the cake did not go to plan! The first disaster was that I had lost my piping bag! I stupidly bought a cheap one to replace it and it split within a couple of rows of piping. The second disaster was the heatwave! The buttercream was instantly melting. The final disaster was that I ran out of buttercream. Can you spot where? πŸ˜‚ I had the ingenious idea of just popping the candles in as I’d reached the point of no return and just wanted to finish it.

Anyway, let’s hope for a better week! I have plans to make my own gluten free pasta this week so fingers crossed! If anyone has any pasta making tips then please pop them in a comment! ☺️


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