Smoothie Ice lollies (2 ingredients)

A little while ago I went through a phase with breakfast bowls and stock piled lots of frozen fruit. Needless to say this phase only lasted a week. Who has time to blend frozen fruit every morning for breakfast?! (Without waking up at 3:30am) If you do then please tell me how!

Anyway, the frozen fruit has been taking up lots of room in the freezer so today I decided to make some smoothie lollies.

All you need to make this is:

(This recipe makes 8 lollies)

  • 400g frozen fruit
  • 400 ml Apple juice

Blend together the frozen fruit and juice. It is personal preference as to how blended you want the lollies, you may prefer to still have some chunks of fruit in them.

Pour the blended mixture into lolly moulds and put in the freezer. They will take a minimum of 3-4 hours to freeze.

You could make variations of these smoothie lollies with flakes of coconut or nuts.


In my last blog post I informed you that I was planning to make pasta. As I’m sure you can gather by the lack of blog post – it didn’t go well! I’m not giving in though, hopefully one day you will get a blog post on making gluten free pasta!

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