My Top 5 Christmas Drinks

Christmas in my family has always revolved heavily around food and as I grew up I became more interested in which drinks to pair all the scrummy food with. Whilst there will be no surprises on this list they are my ultimate faves at Christmas so without further ado here are my top 5 drinks for Christmas time…


1. Hot ChocolateQuite possibly the most boring Christmas Drink I hear you scoff as you read my list. Well that is where you are wrong… Mix warm full fat milk (It’s only Christmas once a year!) with Cadbury’s hot chocolate powder. If you’re feeling extra fancy these Tipples from Sainsburys are delicious! They’re a little shot of brandy and amaretto. Then, as it’s only Christmas once a year, top with whipped or squirty cream.


(Can you spot the bottle of Baileys that I wrapped up last year?)

2. Baileys – I’m currently on a Baileys ban as I become a little bit obsessed but come the 1st December you’ll be able to find me guzzling a glass of baileys and ice. I don’t think there’s anything more I need to say about Baileys, just that it is the love of my life at Christmas.

3. Ginger Wine – My nan never drinks, however at Christmas she’ll have a glass (or three!) of ginger wine. Not only do I love this little tipple for its memories but I also adore the taste, the warming spiciness of the ginger as it tickles your tastebuds. If you find the ginger-ness a little too strong then try mixing it with some lemonade.


4. Gingerbread Latte – Just like everyone else I am obsessed with Gingerbread lattes! I haven’t been able to have one yet this year as I’m staying away from caffeine due to my anxiety. However, when I am able to have coffee I love Costa’s Gingerbread Lattes! When I was at university we had a Costa next door so I was in there most days getting one of these little beauties.

5. Mulled Wine – Nothing beats ladling this into a glass, making sure nobody else is around so that you can fill your glass with mulled wine infused tangerine to snack on when you have drained the dregs at the bottom of the glass. Yum!

As promised there were no wildcards amongst my list! I’m now about to pop to Sainsburys to see whether I can get any Tipples for a hot chocolate tonight – wish me luck!


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