Christmas Wrapping Tips (Ideas for recycling wrapping items)

Wednesday night I decided that was it, we were getting our tree. I live with my grandparents who (more than) often babysit my little cousins and so this year a real tree in the living room was a no go. Having grown up with a real tree every year I still wanted one and so decided that a little one in my room wouldn’t hurt! I’d been collecting some of Primark’s Disney Baubles and so was very excited to get to decorate my little tree.

Once the tree was up I decided it was about time I began to wrap some presents – plus they look so much prettier wrapped than in a pile of shopping bags in the corner of the room!

I usually use brown paper to wrap my presents and this year after discovering most wrapping paper was not recyclable I thought I would continue this tradition.


I have to admit after wrapping the presents in the picture I gave up for the day. These are only my partner’s presents and so we still have both of our families’ ones to wrap. I am the worlds worst at wrapping so I apologise for the dodgy brown paper.


This year I decided to keep the wrapping simple – we have a lot to wrap. In the spirit of recycling objects I chose the above items. I intend to wash the stamps after using them and give them to my three year old cousin as an extra little present. He’s at an age where he loves making a mess so I’m sure mummy and daddy will adore the stamps. My cousins also have a box of empty kitchen roll tubes and bits of boxes that they can use to make pictures and so I thought the used ribbon could go in this box after Christmas.


As you can see the presents looked very plain when just wrapped in the brown paper. I highly recommend using lots of bows, strings, ribbons and stamps to jazz them up! Please excuse my terrible wrapping on the cylinder shaped present – if anyone has any wrapping tips please drop them below!


Whilst I was very happy with the ribbon, the stamps left a lot to be desired. On a few I had to write the name on the present due to the stamps being illegible. Luckily, I tested the stamps on my partners presents and we can get some new ones before we wrap anyone else’s. The new ones can be kept for next year and the old ones will still go to my cousin – he won’t care that the letters aren’t perfect.


Despite the failed attempt at using stamps on the presents I am very happy with how they have turned out. It was also very cost effective. I am incredibly excited for it to now be December. Time to open my advent calendar and let the festivities begin!

Until next time…


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