My Top 6 Christmas presents

If you read my previous post you will know that Christmas had lots of ups and downs for me (mainly downs). However, I did still have a lovely time and wanted to share my favourite prezzies with you! Just a little disclaimer to say that I’m not showing off – As a self confessed shopaholic I enjoy these posts myself and thought I would share what I got.

This was the state of my bed on the 27th when I realised I had to find homes for all the presents we were bought. Thankfully it was mostly books or useful presents and so they all quickly found a new home.

My favourite present were these boots! They’re Carvella Rail and they are gorgeous 😍 if you read my gift guides you would have spotted these beauties! My partner surprised me with them on Christmas morning and I haven’t been able to take my eyes off of them since. There was a dicey moment as he ordered them on the day I almost bought them πŸ™ˆ I’ll admit they’re not the comfiest pair of boots I’ve ever worn but they definitely are the prettiest!

Last Christmas my parents got me a Jo Malone perfume and I adore it! I would save it for special occasions but it meant that I hardly got to wear it. I popped a new one on my Christmas list and have been enjoying using my old bottle knowing that once it’s all gone I’ll have a new one to start! The Earl grey and Cucumber scent is my favourite but there’s such a variety of fragrances I would definitely recommend them!

I am a tea addict. Often on my lunch break I will pop out for a walk and I always wish I had a cup of tea with me. I asked my partner for a reusable mug for Christmas and he chose this one for me – my grandparents also got me the matching bottle. I haven’t stopped using it and am now continuously drinking a cup of tea throughout the day.

This was one of my most fascinating presents. The book covers a wide range of problems and illnesses and considers the various herbal remedies available. Herbal remedies are something that I would like to get into a little bit more – especially in regards to my mental health.

This make up storage container is one of my favourite presents! I love being organised and my make up was beginning to look so messy. This also allows me to see all of my makeup rather than having it all piled up in a drawer.

This final present was one I bought for my partner. I got him Cards against humanity and it kept us entertained all Christmas. We had some awkward moments and had to pause play when my grandparents walked in but it was a lot of fun!

Whilst I enjoyed Christmas I am very much glad it is over now! I’m looking forward to seeing what 2019 has in store. Happy New Year!


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