My Everyday Make-up Routine

Before Christmas I treated myself to the ASOS advent calendar. I believe it was originally £55 but I had lots of vouchers and so managed to bag it for £30! Thanks to my Advent Calendar I have introduced a few new products into my daily make up routine. Also thanks to my Advent Calendar I had a lovely allergic reaction to one of the creams. I love posts like this and so thought I would try my own and show you which products I use (almost) daily on my face. I hope you enjoy!

*I have very dry skin and often suffer with patches of eczema on my face. I use La Roche-Posay Laboratoire Dermatologique as a base for my makeup*

Above are all of the products that I use. Sometimes I tell myself I’m only going to put some concealer and mascara on but I always end up putting everything on my face. I’m either barefaced or full face – there is no in between with me.

I find doing my make up almost therapeutic and so will sometimes do my make up even if I know I am not leaving the house.

The first step of my make up routine is to put on some of my revitalising eye roll-on. It feels so refreshing on tired eyes and reduces the puffiness of my eyes. I have quite round deep set eyes and so any puffiness makes them appear even smaller!

The next step is to squeeze about a pea size amount of GlamGlow onto my fingers and rub into my face. This is one of the products that came in my ASOS Calendar and I love it – it also smells like caramel which is a nice little bonus! I find it creates a lovely base to then put your foundation on top of.

Ideally I then do my eyeshadow, although I often forget and have to do it last whilst praying that it doesn’t all smudge and ruin my make up. I would love to say that I have specific uses for the brushes above, but I don’t. Usually I work my way through the eye shadows (excluding the black) to create a dark brown eye. I start with the lighter colours to create a base then smudge the darker colours in from the outer corner until I am happy with the finished look*.

*Disclaimer – I’m useless at eye shadow. 

I often find that foundations go very cakey on my face – I blame it on my ridiculously dry and sensitive skin. This BB cream by Garnier has been a life saver. I’m super lazy with it and just squirt a blob on my brush and smoother it over my face until it looks okay. I then use the left over product on the brush to blend it into my neck. This BB cream doesn’t give a huge amount of coverage but it does give you a nice dewy look so I prefer to use it as a base and then use a concealer.

I then pop my concealer on my face – I dab it under my eyes, do a cross on my forehead, a line down my nose, lines on my chin and a few blobs on my cheeks. At this stage I then turn to my boyfriend and announce that I am ready – Every time he just rolls his eyes at me. Then using this stippling brush I blend the concealer in. I find that for my skin this combination of BB cream and concealer works the best.

Both this contouring brush and benefit Hoola came in my ASOS Calendar. I use the brush to put the bronzer along my cheek bones, my forehead, a dab on my chin and a quick swipe down my nose. At this point I do not worry too much about blending it in.

I then use the benefit Gold Rush blusher and apply it using the brush in the packet.

Taking this powder brush I then blend in both the bronzer and the blusher until I am happy with the finished look.

This MAC Strobe Cream also came in my ASOS Calendar so I squeeze a little bit out and dab it on my cheeks, the tip of my nose, the tip of my chin and a little dab in the middle of my forehead. A little of this goes a long way!

I then move on to my eyebrows. I begin by using the KA Brow Cream Gel in shade 3. I shape my eyebrows and fill them in where they are a little sparse (Shout out to the lady who threaded my eyebrows and took half of my brow off). Following this I use the Ready, Set, Brow Gel to set my eyebrows.

I’m a little obsessive over mascara – I tend to buy minis as I like to use multiple ones at a time. The Bobbi Brown one is new to my collection and it came in my ASOS Advent Calendar. I begin with the Bobbi Brown and coat my upper lashes with it, I then go over this using the Benefit BAD Girl BANG. Finally I coat both my top and bottom lashes with the Too Face Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara. I find that by using the waterproof mascara last it prevents my mascara from running down my face during the day.

Finally I spray my face with the Revolution Pro Fix Fixing Spray which keeps my make up in place all day.

I tend to find that my make up looks better a coupe of hours after I have done it, does anyone else get this?

Let me know which new products you have been using in your make up routine


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