A January Weekend

January is a depressing month in itself, it doesn’t tend to need any help from those suffering with their mental health. I want to continue this year talking about my mental health. For too many years there has been a stigma around mental health problems but thankfully times are changing. This year I have decided that I’m going to embrace my anxiety. I’m not going to put too much pressure on myself and I am just going to take baby steps. I am also going to learn to say no more often.

I thought I would show you a few little snippets from my weekend – it was quiet and uneventful (and cheap!) but just what I needed.

My partner and I decided that a walk would be a lovely way to start the weekend and so we packed our wellies and set off. We popped to a National Trust to have a quick walk round. Unfortunately my anxiety prevents me from being able to eat out at the moment and so our trip was limited to the demands of our stomachs. My partner’s National Trust membership has also run out so we didn’t go into the house today.

We did walk for long enough to spot these amazing wooden deer. I really want one for our garden when we eventually get our own place. I suggested I start up woodwork but my partner thought my clumsiness would get in the way. We then headed home and had some soup with bread and cheese. My partner also announced that before he met me he’d never heard of cheese with soup?! Please let me know if this is a thing or if my family are weird?

On Sunday we played some golf. My partner is really into his golf and he’s trying to get me into it. I’m not a sporty person but somehow seem to be okay at golf and so I am eager to learn. It’s also nice for us to have a hobby that we can pursue together. We even have matching golf shoes too – couple goals.

The quality of this photo is terrible as it was only taken to send to a family member but I just had to share this with you! This was my favourite meal of the weekend. I made homemade breaded halloumi, minted peas and crispy roast potatoes. I eat eggs in foods but I can’t stand the taste of them and so I made a batter with milk and gluten free flour in order to stick the gluten free bread crumbs to the halloumi. It was amazing and there was not a crumb left on either of our plates.


We had a lovely quiet and relaxing weekend and it has set me up for a positive week – fingers crossed!

I hope you are all doing well and had a lovely weekend too.



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