Edinburgh 2017

In the Summer of 2017 my boyfriend took me to Edinburgh for my birthday. We had the most amazing time. I had just finished my Masters, only days before, and was full of excitement for the summer. We only had two nights there but loved every second and we talk about going back there one day. I would love to drive up there so we could explore the surrounding area a bit more but it would require a lot of planning and time off. We flew from Gatwick to Edinburgh and stayed at the Carin hotel. The room was tiny but was done nicely so that it didn’t feel too claustrophobic, we were also out and about a lot and so the room didn’t phase us too much. If you’re looking for a base close to the centre then I would definitely recommend it.

We flew on my actual birthday at 5am, thankfully I was so excited the time didn’t affect me – too much. We made use of the public transport and took trams both to and from the airport and around the city centre. Our first day was spent exploring the city and getting our bearings as to where everything was.

That evening my partner surprised me to gin tasting at One Square. We were thoroughly impressed with the experience and have since recommended it to everyone. I’m quite a light weight when it comes to alcohol and so I was often just taking a sip of the gin and allowing my partner to finish the rest of it.

There was lots of Gin but everyone was delicious! We hadn’t made any dinner reservations for that evening and so we went and treated ourselves to a pizza express. I wanted to enjoy a fancy birthday meal on an evening when I wasn’t quite so tired. We were both quite merry at this point and so a pizza was exactly what we needed!

The following day we visited the castle. It was incredibly busy and we were very grateful that we had purchased our tickets online and so did not have to join the humungous queue. Despite the crowds the castle loomed over everybody with its medieval and gothic architecture.

We queued for ages to see the Crown Jewels, it was worth the wait but unfortunately you couldn’t take any pictures. I picked up a couple of souvenirs at the gift shop – a stag shaped bottle opener and a bottle stopper with a stag on the top. I thought these were cute little souvenirs that could be put to use rather than just cluttering up a drawer.

The views from the castle were astonishing and I only wish we had had the opportunity to venture outside of the city and explore more that Edinburgh has to offer.


That evening we went out for my belated birthday meal (sorry I don’t have any photos!) We went to the David Bann Vegetarian Restaurant where I had a vegan risotto. My partner is not a vegetarian but he enjoyed the food there too. If we return to Edinburgh again then I will definitely be returning to this restaurant. At the time I visited I was not on a gluten free diet, however now looking at the menu they have so many choices.

Our final day was spent doing some more sightseeing, however this time we had a little bit more of an understanding as to where everything was located. We visited the cute little gift shops and I had to constantly be reminded that we had only travelled with hand luggage and no the huge picture of highland cattle would not fit in my carry on case.

Edinburgh is a beautiful city and ever corner that you turn it has a new beauty to bestow upon you.

Before we left we had to see some of the Harry Potter references. We found the Elephant House where J K Rowling wrote some of Harry Potter. The queues inside the cafe deterred us from actually going in there and so we just took a picture of the outside – featuring Bill Plant’s car… Cheers Bill.

Have you been to Edinburgh, what were your highlights?


9 thoughts on “Edinburgh 2017

  1. I really, really enjoyed this post. You are so very fortunate to be where you can visit all these amazing historical places! That’s quite the view. Imagine all the players in history that stood there and looked out. I hope you do blogs every where you go – I love this!!!!!!!

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    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ We don’t have many places planned to travel to this year as we’re trying to start saving. However, we do have lots of historical landmarks nearby and hope to have less expensive weekends out visiting them. As the summer comes I’m sure we’ll be doing lots of these types of trips to will keep the posts coming πŸ™‚ xx

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