Having a bath in Bath (alongside some cultural information)

At the beginning of December my partner and I visited Bath for the Christmas market. I booked the trip back in September and was filled was cute images of wandering round an authentic Christmas market. Unfortunately it appeared the whole of the world had the same idea and it was PACKED. On top of this my anxiety was at an all time high. Whilst we still enjoyed ourselves no photos were taken. I thought instead of sharing our last experience of Bath I would put together a little compilation of all my experiences of Bath. We’ve been a few times…

My first piece of advice if you’re planning on visiting Bath is do visit the attractions. Bath Abbey is beautiful and is definitely worth a look around inside. The Abbey ask for a donation, they suggest £4 per adult. I really wish they’d move the bin, it’s the perfect photo opportunity.

Another attraction I would recommend are the Roman Baths – although I would not recommend trying the water at the end of the tour! It’s warm and tastes of iron.

The Roman Baths are an amazing experience. As you walk around you are taken back in time and can imagine the place buzzing and full of life. I have been inside the Roman Baths twice but still do not feel that I have seen them enough times. Be sure to make the most of the tour and pick up one of the free audio guides.

The views are amazing and Pulteney Bridge is a must visit. Although do not get slightly lost, follow your sat nav and drive over it in the bus lane as you will be graced with a fine. Opps – thankfully my partner doesn’t seem to remember that it was me doing the navigating at this point. 

Back in the good days before I knew gluten was causing me to feel unwell we queued for Sally Lunns on a number of occasions. I can confirm that it is the most heavenly bun that you will ever taste!

My go to order was the roasted vegetables. Whilst I can no longer eat the bun it continues to influence my cooking and I will often make roasted vegetables with a garlic mayonnaise.

Sally Lunns has a museum in the basement, it’s very basic but worth a visit if you have been in there to eat. You can also purchase buns to take home and scoff at your leisure – definitely something I would recommend.

The Jane Austen Centre is another attraction that I would highly recommend. I am a huge Jane Austen fan and so found the tour very interesting and informative. The chance to dress up was a nice little bonus!

There was also the chance to try out writing with some ink and a quill. My writing is messy enough with a normal pen so I don’t think I’m going to be investing in any fancy writing gear – it was fun to try out though. I’m glad you cannot see my face in this picture as I would imagine the concentration on it would be hilarious.

I’ve stayed in four different hotels in Bath

1. Leigh Park Hotel – I remember being pleasantly surprised by this hotel. I went in 2015 and stayed there with a friend. We split the cost of the room and so it worked out very cheap. The only draw back was that it was not in the centre of Bath and was a little bit of a drive to get anywhere.

2. Rudloe Arms – This hotel is owned by Marco Pierre White. We stayed there in March 2017 and had a lovely time at this hotel thanks to a complimentary upgrade. Unfortunately we did not have dinner at the hotel as we already had plans in Bath centre. Whilst the hotel was lovely and looked impressive we felt that a lot of it was for show without much substance. There were silly little problems like no full length mirror and no plug point close to a mirror. It made getting ready very difficult when I was having to use my phone camera to straighten my hair.

3. Best Western – Limpley Stoke. We were very unimpressed with this hotel. The night we stayed there was a wedding and so it was noisy. Then after returning from dinner there was nowhere to park due to all the weddings guests. I would definitely not return to this hotel nor would I recommend it!

4. Macdonald Bath Spa – This has been my favourite hotel out of all of them (probably because it’s also the most expensive). The hotel is in walking distance of Bath centre and benefits from spa facilities. We have stayed at this hotel twice. Unfortunately our most recent stay fell short of the experience we had previously been treated to and so after some communication with the hotel they have invited us back for a complimentary stay in May. I will keep you updated!

This picture was taken outside of the Rudloe Arms, the hotel is set in an imposing gothic house.

The quirky interior of the Rudloe Arms appealed to me, however I definitely did not find the deers adorning this wall attractive.

The Macdonald Bath Spa Hotel has been my favourite. The first time we went we stayed for two nights. It was a present from my partner for Christmas, however he arranged the stay for early February so that we could combine it with a little Valentines treat.

I made this terrible pun too.

The bathroom at this hotel was also perfectly set up for me to lay out all of my products, which made getting ready in a hotel room very easy. I overpacked slightly on the make up but we went out that evening for a Valentines meal and so I wanted to make more of an effort than I usually do.

The breakfast here was also very scrummy! We did not have breakfast on our most recent visit. As I have mentioned in previous posts my current state of anxiety makes eating out difficult for me and so we did not bother to add breakfast to our room rate.

Due to my anxiety on our most recent visit I had been in contact with the hotel to find out whether I would be able to get a gluten free vegetarian meal on their room service menu, as I was unable to go out for dinner. Unfortunately half way through the chain of emails neither the chef nor the manager of the hotel replied to me. For me this was the biggest let down by the hotel and it meant that we had to try and make alternative arrangements to accommodate my current mental health. They have since apologised for this and as I mentioned earlier in the post they have invited us back for a complimentary nights stay. Hopefully I will have an updated Bath post for you in early June!

Have you been to Bath, if so what were your highlights?


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