Take a walk in my shoes

My plans for today fell through so I decided to tackle the dreaded job on my list – declutter my wardrobes. The first half an hour of decluttering I enjoy and love finding items of clothing that I forgot I owned. I was pretty ruthless and decided to throw a lot out as quite a few pieces in my wardrobe are around 10 years old and I do not have the same approach to fashion as my 14 year old self did.

Whilst going through my shoes I thought it might be fun to make a post showing you my favourite pairs that I came across. I also hope that I will come back to this post and make an effort to wear some of these shoes more often. Unfortunately I tend to wear the same pair of boots everyday, and whilst I love them to pieces change would be nice. Now, I should warn you, shoes, handbags and coats are my thing so there are a fair few pairs of shoes that I own. Here are my favourites out of the above pile… (Hello to the random packet of Gaviscon that I found lodged in a pair of boots – must have been a rough night)

Apologies for the scuffs, dust and general wear and tear on some of the shoes – I have been hoarding many of them for years.

This yellow pair are relatively new to my collection – having only joined last summer. I loved the colour and thought they would be really fun to jazz up an outfit. They’re from Sainsburys and so were quite reasonably priced. They’re probably the most colourful shoe that I own (you’ll see that there’s lots of black!). It’s definitely a style that I would purchase again as they’re so easy to throw on with any outfit, whether it be a pair of jeans or a dress.

These blue suede shoes with a cork heel are gorgeous, although could perhaps do with some TLC. I’ve only worn them a handful of times but they’re comfortable. Their most recent outing was a trip up to London for lunch and the theatre. I paired them with a white lacey dress to prevent them from being overshadowed.

These are the most recent addition to my collection. I most likely will never wear them but as soon as I knew they existed myself and all my family were on the hunt for a pair in every Primark within the vicinity. Eventually I found a pair and gleefully took them to the till whilst my boyfriend hung his head in shame. I hope one day that I can find an excuse to wear them as they’re too pretty to sit in my wardrobe.

I remember finding this pair of Kurt Geiger heels in the sales years ago and just knowing I had to have them. They’re a bit like marmite – you’ll either love them or hate them. I love them. They come on holiday with me every year and I try to wear them whenever we go out of an evening for a meal – even if it means I have to pack some flats to walk in later!

These really do need some TLC. When I was scrolling through ASOS at the beginning of last summer I found these clog style shoes. I had always wanted a pair of clogs and so thought these would be the perfect compromise. Over the summer I left them by the door to ensure that I wore them and they were not just put in the cupboard and forgotten about. I have to say they’re not the most comfortable of shoes and you have to struggle a little to grip, but they do look cute!

These boots look very battered and they have been worn a lot over the years. They hold a lot of sentimental value for me as they were the boots I wore on myself and my partner’s second date. I walked almost 10 miles in these boots that day. They’re still my go to pair of boots if I’m going out anywhere and I want something a little bit different to my everyday boots.

This picture does not do these boots any justice. I remember the day I bought these – Christmas Eve 2017. The sales had already began and they were such a bargain from Clarks that I couldn’t walk away from them, even though they are half a size too big. I have worn them a few times since and just pop some socks over my tights so that my feet don’t slide about too much. The square toe on the boots are what attracted me to them, it’s rare to find a knee high suede boot with a square toe.

Another pair of battered looking boots. I remember ordering these off of ASOS and being so excited when a huge box came through the door for me. I was in the middle of my first year exams at university and came home from an exam to find them waiting for me. I’ve not worn these as much as I would have liked to – for some reason I never think to put them on. They do look lovely with a skater style skirt though, I may have to make more of an effort to put together an outfit with these. As I’m short the soft back means that the top of the boot doesn’t dig into the back of my knee meaning that I have to sit with my legs subtly stretched out.

The final pair on my list are these biker boots from Kurt Geiger. I still remember buying them. I’m not sure how many years ago it was (at least 4), but it was my birthday and I was in Westfields with my friend and they were on sale. It was a match made in heaven. I have to admit that my laziness gets the better of me with these boots. They’re a bit of a faff to put on as both buckles need to be undone and so does the zip. However, they are another pair of boots that I would like to make more of an effort to get some more wear out of.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, I know shoes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea! What are your go to pair of shoes?


3 thoughts on “Take a walk in my shoes

  1. I loved reading this post. I am shoe size 8 1/2. No one does 8 1/2 so shoes choose me rather than the other way round. I have to buy whatever is the best fit out of a bad choice and shoe shopping is an arduous toil, never a pleasure so it’s nice to share in someone elses collection. I think those gold ones are the best 😊

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    1. Oh how annoying 😫 I have very awkward feet (wide and toes almost as long as my arm) so tend to be cautious and stick with boots so I’m not in too much pain! 😆😆 I agree, the gold ones are my favourite 😍 Have a sneaky feeling I’ll never wear them though 😫

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