Portmeirion (North Wales)

North Wales has numerous beauty spots to offer but if you’re in the area be sure to visit Portmeirion. Last Easter my partner and I were up in Wales visiting his family and thought we would take a trip to Portmeirion. We were incredibly lucky with the weather and this beautiful spot felt like we could be anywhere in the world – particularly Italy! The day we visited a wedding was happening and so guests were milling around and flowers adorned the venue. It was a beautiful setting.

The Italian village designed by Sir Clough William-Ellis was completed in 1976 and was designed to show that a naturally beautiful site could be developed without spoiling it. You can read more about the history of the site on the Portmeirion website. Portmeirion has a wealth of history alongside its natural and manmade beauty.

The views are exquisite and there is the option to take a variety of walks around the site – both beach based and forest based. The tide was out when we visited and so we decided to walk along the beach, with the sun shining down upon us we really could have been in Italy.

The village offers a range of eateries. I recall having a delicious feta salad and a side of chips. You can see the restaurant in which we ate in the background of this picture. Unfortunately this visit to Portmeirion took place before I realised I could no longer tolerate gluten and so this ice cream cone is not gluten free. However, the ice cream was amazing and there was the option to have it in a pot! You can see the little specks of vanilla in the ice cream. We had to eat it very quickly though as the weather was so hot!

To this day the scenery here amazes me. It’s such a beautiful little haven nestled in North Wales. My aunt and uncle came to Portmeirion on one of their first holidays together and stayed in the hotel on site. To them the site holds a lot of sentimental value alongside its beauty.

The views continued, there was nowhere that you could stand and not have your breath taken away by the view in front of you. Perhaps we were just lucky as we visited on such a beautiful day but I suspect even in the wind and rain this little village would charm anyone. In addition to its beauties and eateries there are also a number of quaint souvenir shops to visit.

If you’re ever visiting North Wales then I would definitely recommend a trip to Portmeirion – I can honestly tell you it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before (especially in Wales!).

Hopefully we will be taking a trip back up to Wales soon and so I hope to present you with some more of its beauties (providing it’s not pouring down the whole trip). Does anyone have any recommendations for places to visit in North Wales?



11 thoughts on “Portmeirion (North Wales)

  1. Ooh it looks stunning there. Even though we’ve been to North Wales quite a lot this last few years I’ve never been here. It’s on my to visit list this year definitely. My husband remembers the series The Prisoner that was filmed there. Places to go? The Pontcysyllte Aqueduct in Llangollen is amazing as was the Horseshoe Pass that we went on to get there. Beautiful inland area of North Wales.


    1. It was breathtakingly beautiful! I believe there are a number of references to The Prisoner there ☺️ Thank you for the recommendations, we shall bare them in mind on our next trip!

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  2. I don’t have a bucket list, because it really only has one place on Earth I want to go and that is Prtmeirion. I have known about the village most of my life, and fell in love with it because of the TV Series ‘The Prisoner’ with Patrick McGoohan.

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