Anxiety – people coming round

Everyday I discover something new about how my current state of anxiety is affecting me. Following my clear out last week I’m still trying to sell some bits online. Today I’ve been waiting for someone to pick up a few bits and it’s sent my anxiety sky high.

As I mentioned before, I would not consider myself to have social anxiety but for some reason this is heightening my anxiety. I’ve been waiting for this person to arrive for about 40 minutes and my anxiety is continuing to bug me to the point where I’m feeling really sick.

I’d had a lovely morning before this. My cousins are round and so myself and the 3 year old have been making jam tarts (look out for a blog post next week about it!) It’s the first time he’s been interested in baking with me and he stuck it out from the start to the end. I’m very proud and we had so much fun baking together.

I suspect that the lack of control and the unknown is feeding into my anxiety. I’m frustrated at myself that such a small task is affecting me in such a way. I won’t let it win though and I will keep putting myself in situations like this that make me anxious.

What are the small ways that you find your anxiety affects you?


2 thoughts on “Anxiety – people coming round

    1. Thank you for your comment 🙂 You tend to over think everything with anxiety and so it’s nice to sometimes be reminded that how you’re feeling is ‘normal’ xxx

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