Gran Canaria

Back in March 2017 my partner and I had just under a week in Gran Canaria. Originally we were suppose to be going to Abu Dhabi to visit some of my boyfriend’s family. We had booked our flights and our suitcase was packed. The day before we were due to fly my partner’s mum came down with norovirus. We were suppose to be flying out with her. Due to my emetophobia I knew there was no way I could go. I cried a lot and felt terrible but nothing was worse than coming into contact with that bug. We still wanted a holiday so we googled the best places to go at that time of year and an hour later we had booked Gran Canaria.

The holiday was shortly after my dad’s accident and it was just the kind of holiday we needed. We didn’t hire a car and instead just spent lazy days by the pool. A couple of evening we took buses to local towns and just had a walk around. We stayed at the Idyll Suites and without a doubt we will return there one day (We had planned to go again this summer but due to our saving plans we’re now going to Spain to stay in my grandparent’s holiday home).

The hotel is comprised of little apartments which suited us perfectly. Having only been gluten free for a couple of months I was very new to the gluten free eating and so it was nice to be able to prepare most of my own meals. The apartment came complete with a filter coffee machine so we would sit on the balcony of a morning with a filter coffee and watch as the bay came to life.

The apartment was spacious and had everything we could possibly need. The apartments boast a ventilation system instead of air conditioning and we didn’t notice the difference – we never felt too hot in the room.

Again, the bathroom suited all of our needs and benefitted from having a large counter space in front of the mirror so that I could easily get ready if we were going out for the evening.

The view from our balcony was beautiful. Sitting out there was peaceful and relaxing – just what we wanted from the holiday. Whilst the area was quiet there were a few shops at the end of our road – including a spa with an extensive gluten free range of foods. The balcony was perfect for our quiet nights in playing cards or sitting and talking over a glass of wine.

Getting to grips with our microwave oven resulted in numerous mishaps – RIP to these gluten free croissants. They were smoking like crazy so my partner had to quickly open the balcony doors so I could run outside with them before we set any fire alarms off. We didn’t learn our lesson and we had a repeat performance the following day.

The sunsets were beautiful and we would often take a walk down to the bay in time to watch the sun set.

One night we took a trip into Mogan, just for a little walk around. It was beautiful. All of the restaurants boasted of gluten-free options, however we had already decided to eat in that night and had all the bits to make a curry back at the apartment.

The harbour was gorgeous and we took a slow stroll round, stopping to take in the view. It was almost surreal to have come from a cold, snowy England.

I had read on Pinterest that there was a viewing point in which you could look over the entire bay. In my eyes, if Pinterest suggested it then we had to do it. My partner and I climbed what felt like 87364 steps and eventually reached the top. After stopping to catch our breath we took in the beautiful view. Unfortunately, the picture I’ve captured here does not do the view any justice. It’s definitely worth the trip up the stairs though and it’s a fascinating walk up as you pass by all the little houses.

Yes, I ate that entire ball of cheese, what else are you suppose to do on holiday?

We spent most of the holiday having lunch at the cafe by our pool and then eating dinner in the apartment. It was nice to have no expectations put on the holiday, we just had to please ourselves and so that was exactly what we did.

In my opinion Gran Canaria is the perfect holiday destination to recharge your batteries. I think we were incredibly lucky with our hotel and if we were to ever return we would definitely go back there.

Also being able to call over a waiter to bring you a mojito to your sun bed was a nice little bonus! Cheer to Gran Canaria.

Where’s your favourite place for a little R & R?


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