My Favourite Books

If you’re looking for an intellectually challenging book full of adventures and excitement then I’m afraid I have to tell you that these books are not for you. I have a very simple taste in books. Generally the storyline goes something along the lines of – girl hates her life, girl moves somewhere to begin her own business, girl falls in love, girl and boy live happily ever after. A few years ago I would tell everyone that I loved this genre of book because it gave me an escape form the heavy and often depressing materials that I was reading at university. Now, I have no excuse and just have to admit that I adore these cheesy books. So, if you, like me, adore a cheesy read then have a look at my favourite books!

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The Cosy Christmas Tea Shop is actually a follow on from the The Cosy Tea Shop in The Castle. The book is a feel good read which follows Ellie as she takes over the cafe at Claverham Castle. The Christmas edition is full of Christmas festivities whilst Ellie struggles with balancing her job, her relationship and her wishes to start a family. I’m not the kind of person that thinks books set at Christmas can only be read around Christmas time and so this book is an all year favourite for me. Definitely one to enjoy on a rainy day with a hot chocolate and a gluten free cake!

My next favourite is The Vintage Girl. I’m a big fan of Hester Browne and have enjoyed many of her other books including, The Runaway Princess and The Honeymoon Hotel. I found the other two to be a little slow to get into and that is why they do not appear on my list. The Vintage Girl follows Evie Nicholson as she visits Kettlesheer Castle to value some of the antiques there. Inevitably she falls in love and saves the day – as any good heroine in a chic-flick read does! This book will leave you dreaming of moving to your own Scottish castle and learning how to reel.

Can you tell I enjoy Christmas themed books? Christmas at the Little Beach Street Bakery. This particular book I have read a number of times and by chance my mum got me it for Christmas. As I had only previously owned it on my kindle I was overjoyed to have an actual copy of the book. There are two books prior to this one, The Little Beach Street Bakery and Summer at The Little Beach Street Bakery. The series follows Polly as she embarks on the adventure of a lifetime and purchases a lighthouse on Mount Polbearne, a remote Cornish village. Polly begins to run a bakery in the village and integrate into village life. The series also follows Polly as she falls in love and rebuilds her life. This book is a particular favourite of mine as I have always adored the idea of living or staying in a lighthouse. This combined with running a bakery – it is my ultimate dream book.

For once I haven’t chosen the Christmas edition to include on my list (although it does exist). The Cosy Seaside Chocolate Shop follows Emma as she relocates to Warkton-by-the-sea following a traumatic event in her life. Emma opens up a little chocolate shop in the idyllic village. The book follows her struggles to keep her business turning over a profit and to allow love back into her life. The book also heavily features her spaniel, Alfie. What more can I say, chocolate, the seaside, a love interest and a dog!

Oh and the Christmas edition is a charming read too – The Cosy Christmas Chocolate Shop.

I adore having an actual book in front of me to flick through the pages and to put back on the shelf ready to read again. However, when I go on holiday, or if I cannot sleep at night I tend to reach for my kindle. The next couple of books are either ones that I only have Kindle editions of or the books are at my partner’s mum’s house where I have finished them and left them there. I adore my Kindle case – it can be found here. Pride and Prejudice is also one of my favourite classic books. I remember watching the BBC adaption of it from a young age and loving the storyline. I think Mr Darcy set the bar quite high for me but luckily for my partner, he’s living up to expectations!

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 16.07.25.png

Honestly, there are not enough words for me to tell you how much I loved reading this book, The Summer of Serendipity. Serendipity Parker embarks on the challenge of finding a property for a wealthy client in Ireland. However, she comes across a problem when she finds the perfect house but it looks like nobody owns it. The house is a haven for anyone who needs it. It seems magic is at play as the house replenishes its food for new visitors. As Serendipity begins to explore the history and legends surrounding the house the story begins to unfold and the magic of Ireland unleashes itself. And of course, she falls in love. I found this book particularly interesting due to the magical feeling and it’s exploration of Irish legends. Definitely would recommend this book as a holiday read.

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 16.16.24.png

Oh look, another book set at Christmas! This one I was so excited when it was released, I had read the previous books The Endless Beach and The Summer Seaside Kitchen and as soon as I knew there was another book being released I pre-ordered it on my Kindle. Island Christmas was released whilst my partner and I were visiting his family in Wales and so whilst he went off and played golf I settled down with several cups of tea and finished this book in one afternoon. The book follows Flora, a paralegal, return to her home island of Mure for work. As she returns to her old life she embraces her love of cooking and soon begins to question where her future lies. Flora begins to find herself falling for her troubled boss and as the books continue they explore their troubled relationship. The book also follows the lives of the other islanders, including Flora’s gay brother and her best friend who works as a teacher at the island’s only school.

I hope this list has given you some inspiration for a new read – or even informed you of which books to steer clear of! With my mental health problems I love a happy book to escape into for a few hours.

Let me know what your favourite book is!


2 thoughts on “My Favourite Books

  1. I have many favorites, but right now on top of my list is Hidden Hand by E.D.E.N Southworth. She’s a great authoress and I really like her books.


    1. I’ve just had a little read of the synopsis for Hidden Hand and it looks like a really interesting read! Looks like it could be a good holiday read as I’m guessing once you get into it it’s hard to put down! I want to broaden my taste in books so perhaps this may be my starting point! x

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