North Wales

Following on from my post about Portmeirion I thought I would share with you some of my other photos from North Wales. The views can only be described as stunning. I love the contrast of the beach and the mountains in the background. The skies in Wales are beautiful too, one minute bright sunshine and the next heavy and foreboding. The sunsets over the sea of an evening are gorgeous and can be seen from my partner’s family’s window. It’s a little haven of beauty where I really feel like I can relax.

When we visit we often just go for walks on the beach – we even managed to sunbathe on this beach last summer! The water was freezing though so we stuck to the sand. Whilst it’s lovely in the summer it’s just as beautiful in the winter as we have it all to ourselves.

The dramatic scenery is the perfect playground for a photographer and I’ve promised my mum next time we go I will take her camera and bring her home some photos that she can edit and play around with.

On one visit we took the Ffestiniog steam train from Porthmadog up to Blaenau Ffestiniog. It was a beautiful train journey, the train itself was amazing and the views along the way were gorgeous. If you decide to take this trip make plans for where you are going to eat! We came across two places there – one had no tables and the other had a hygiene rating of 0. We ended up frequenting the local co-cop and having a picnic on the train!

Whatever the weather in Wales its beauty cannot be over shadowed (in my opinion). It’s brilliantly set up for tourists and so eating out is a pleasure.

Swallow Falls at Betws-y-Coed is worth seeing – it’s breathtaking to stand and watch. I believe it costs a couple of pounds each to go in but it’s definitely worth it for the view. The pub opposite has a car park which you can then redeem the cost of parking in – their chips are yummy!

Last year we did the Llechwedd Deep Mine Tour of the slate caverns. It was an amazing and thought provoking experience. To hear about how people were treated and worked down the mines was heartbreaking and made you take a moment to appreciate your own life. We had a great time here – even though we became our tour guide’s target for jokes.

Do you have any experiences of North Wales? Let me know about them if you do!


5 thoughts on “North Wales

  1. The roads where that mine is look familiar. About 10 years ago we came from Borth on a motorbike to go home. Hubby thinking we’d take a shortcut had us riding up on winding roads through slate mines. It was grey, overbearing and absolutely freezing, I’ll never forget that nor ever forgive him 😲 I don’t know if it was the same slate mines because I’ve no idea how we ever found our way to the M56. Some lovely photo’s there.


    1. Oh no! I can imagine he got into quite a bit of trouble for that shortcut. It’s absolutely beautiful there, I think it would be a difficult job to find a road that didn’t have a beautiful view! 🙂

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