Handbag collection

This is another post that you’re either going to love or hate! I love handbags, my mum hates them and so we often clash. I thought today I would share with you my collection of handbags. Some of them were purchased as presents (often a present to myself, from myself – but hey that still counts, right?).

So, here goes…

This was my first ever ‘expensive’ bag. She’s about 5 years old now and has been very loved and used. I can still remember the day I bought her when myself and my friend took a trip to Bicester Village. The bags were all half price and so we decided to treat ourselves to one. After that she came everywhere with me to the extent that I had to buy a new laptop bag so that I could also bring my handbag to university with me each day.

This Longchamp tote has been a life saver. After I eventually recovered from the thrill of buying my first expensive bag I then purchased this one. It was perfect to carry all my books and laptop into university everyday and then it came to work with me. I use to commute up to London daily, for both university and work, and so to be able to have a bag that I could just throw everything into was perfect.

This DKNY bag was a Christmas present… to myself. I actually ordered it online on Christmas Day a few years ago as soon as it went into the sales. This is probably my least used out of my bags. The shoulder straps are quite short and so it is limited to how it can be carried. I also find it a little too clumsy to get into. However, I do still love it and it does get to come out on an occasional trip.

This Kate Spade bag was another present to myself, one that I treated myself to after having finished my Masters. If you can’t treat yourself to a handbag after completing your Masters then when can you? I still adore this bag and use it often, however when popping out to shops it’s not quite big enough to carry everything and to throw little purchases in to save buying a plastic bag.

This purple Kate Spade bag was one I had my eye on for a long while. By chance one day myself and my partner popped into a department store nearby and they had it on sale. I quickly did the maths in my head and realised that I could afford it and afford to scrape through the rest of the month. The rest is history and the bag came home with me. My only criticism with this bag is that my purse only just fits in it and so it can be a bit of a faff when out and about.

This bag is incredibly out there and only tends to get used when I go on holiday. However, this one has a lot of sentimental value for me as it was bought for me by my parents for my 21st birthday. It’s the ultimate treat bag as it’s far from practical and incredibly vibrant but it’s so much fun on holiday with a tan and a white dress!

My most recent bag is this Maison Heritage Paris and was bought for me for my birthday by my partner’s mum. It’s my go to bag at the moment but I still do continue to alternate my bags so they all get an outing!

Unfortunately handbag shopping is off the agenda for me for the foreseeable future but I’m happy with my little collection that I already have. What is your favourite bag?


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