What’s in my bag

Normally my bag is a pit. A pit full of everything you could possibly wish for. However, I’ve recently switched over bags and so alongside that I had a clear out. Well, when I say I had a clear out what I mean is that I left all the rubbish in the old bag and only transferred the stuff I need to the new bag. Anyway, whilst this bag is relatively clutter free I thought I would share with you what is inside it…

The bag itself is from Maison Heritage Paris and is gorgeous. It’s just about big enough to fit everything that I need into it without being so big that I turn into a hoarder – it’s a fine line.

This makes me look like a tidy person, however normally the contents of my bag would make you run the other way.

My purse is Michael Kors and was the first Christmas present my partner ever bought me and so it comes everywhere with me. It saddens me slightly as I see all these gorgeous purses but I know deep down that none of them could ever replace this one.

The little pouch with a pug on it contains the entire contents of a pharmacy… I’m not joking. In there you will find:

  • Plasters
  • Tampons
  • Indigestion Tablets
  • Immodium
  • Cough Sweets
  • Paracetamol

If you need it chances are I will have it.

Tissues. If you know me then you will know that I barely go more than two weeks without a cold.

I suffer quite badly with eczema on my hands and started using Aveeno a couple of years ago. Although it is oat base it doesn’t seem to affect me. Oats are naturally gluten free and only become contaminated through the way in which they are milled. Fingers crossed I continue to be okay with it as it is the only cream that I have found to soothe my eczema.


The Rescue Remedy (which can be found here*) is a recent addition to my handbag but I have been using it and do believe that it does take the edge off of my anxiety. That or the fact that it tastes like whiskey tricks my brain into believing I am relaxed. I want to use the Rescue Remedy for a little longer but hope to do a blog post on it in the near future.


I carry an additional hand cream around just in case but often do not need to use it.


Technically these are my partner’s set of keys. My own set of keys have so many keys and key rings on them that they annoy me whilst driving and so I often just pinch his.


TicTacs are a must – or any other form of mint. I also carry around these ginger sweets which I think taste amazing but I have had a number of people turn their noses up when offered one.



*Affiliate Link

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