A week in outfits

I love looking at people’s posts like this and find it gives me inspiration for outfits and so I thought I would share with you what I wore during the week. I started it on the Saturday as I was just too impatient to wait until Monday!

Saturday 12th January

Saturday night I slept terribly and so was unable to take the car for its service. Instead I stayed at home and tried to cope with my rising anxiety levels due to my lack of sleep. Despite this I thought I would try and add some fun into my outfit.

The Flamingo blouse was a present for Christmas and so I’m not sure where it was from.

The jeans are Topshop Joni jeans in black.

Sunday 13th January

Sunday was a slightly more exciting day. We had some errands to run in town and then were popping over to my aunt and uncles for a belated birthday meal for my aunt. Unfortunately my anxiety had been bad all day and by the evening my head was pounding and I just wanted to go home. We ended up leaving early and my grandparents brought us back some food.

I wore this snakeprint midi dress from New Look with a H&M cami underneath it and some tights. The boots are Carvella and appear in my recent post ‘Take a walk in my shoes’.

Monday 14th January

Monday was back to work – I work from home so usually it’s just leggings and a jumper but I had someone popping over to pick up some clothes that I’ve been selling so I made a bit more of an effort. The dress is from Missguided and the Boots are Carvella.

Tuesday 15th January –

Today I wasn’t feeling too great with my anxiety and so I just threw on this dress from New Look so that I was comfy but still felt like I was making an effort. I love this dress it’s so soft and was £8 in the sale! It was perfect for the day that I had as I sat at my desk working. Eventually my mum and brother popped over for some lunch and we went into town for half an hour. I picked up my partner’s Valentines Day cards (yes, I got 2 – it’s a bit of an inside joke). My mum decided to embarrass me and in a big loud voice, as I was at the till paying, told me not to write the wrong name in each card. Thanks mum.

Wednesday 16th January –

Today very little effort was made. My grandparents babysit my cousins on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning and so I often help out if I haven’t got too much work on. As I knew it was a quiet day for work I planned to make some jam tarts with my 3 year old cousin and so I threw on these Puma leggings and grabbed an old Topshop t-shirt. I ended up covered in flour and sticky strawberry jam so I’m very glad that little effort was made today.

Thursday 17th January 

The children were round again today and so I threw on Tuesday’s dress. I aways end up with sticky hands on me and so I try not to ruin my ‘nicer’ clothes when the kids are over! It was freezing today though and so I put my Hollister hoodie on on top of the dress. This hoodie is fur lined and was a gift from my partner on our first Christmas together.

Friday 18th January –

The children were round again today but my aunt popped in for lunch before taking them home. I also have people popping in to pick up some more items of clothing that I’m selling following my clear out. I decided to make a bit of an effort today since I would be interacting with other adults and so I grabbed this Zara dress. It’s nice and comfy for sitting at my desk working but it also looks like I’ve made an effort. Whilst I love this dress I’m not impressed with the quality, ever since the first time I wore it the pom poms on it have been gradually falling off. Please excuse the Snapchat filter, it was used in an attempt to hide the fact that my hair looks like the top of a pineapple…

I really enjoyed putting together this post throughout the week and would like to continue to do it.

What is your go to outfit during the week?


4 thoughts on “A week in outfits

    1. Thanks ☺️ I realised all my cosy jumpers are actually my boyfriends so I’ve been making more of an effort to wear my own clothes and layer up 😆 Nothing better than a comfy oversized jumper to snuggle up in 😍


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