An early quarter life crisis?

I know many of you will read the title of this post, roll your eyes and think what has she got to have a crisis over at 24? Well, hear me out before you cast an opinion.

At university I was a strong, confident and independent woman. I wanted an amazing career and I wanted to make a change in the world. I felt like this up until my Masters. Whilst completing my Masters I began to see the biggest change in myself. I began to crumble in front of my own eyes.

As my anxiety flared up my hopes and ambitious began to change. At the time I didn’t notice it happening, I was too focused on just making it through the year. Looking back now I understand how deeply upset and anxious I was.

I am no longer that career hungry, ambitious and independent woman. My dreams have changed, I no longer want a fast pace career but instead a quiet and idyllic life. To be my own boss and to explore a future in something that the ‘new me’ values. People want different things from life and that’s what makes us all unique. But how did my ambitions and my attitude towards life change so drastically in the space of two/three years?

I look back now and wonder whether I was actually having a bit of a breakdown – maybe not a fast pace chaotic one, more of a slow burner. I think perhaps that this yearning for a quieter, slow paced life is the ‘new me’ that has evolved from a breakdown.

At times though I do wonder whether it is just my anxiety controlling me and telling me that I cannot achieve the goals I had originally set myself.

I’m embarking on a search for myself, is the old me still me, is there a new me or am I just my anxiety?

And are you just as confused as I am after reading that? 😆

Let me know if you’ve had something similar happen to you and feel like due to an experience you’re a different person?


10 thoughts on “An early quarter life crisis?

  1. A change of ambition and dreams isn’t a bad thing, you can still have a good career when being your own boss and who knows it could be better for you and your health. Your life is what you make it, you can still be successful. I believe in you x

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    1. Thank you Lauren ☺️ I’m still trying to get my head around it but I’m hopeful that I’m on the right path 🤞🏼 Hope you’re well xx


  2. Always best to be you, jsut be, we are conned into thinking we have to have a career, be busy all the time, all that leads to is unhappiness and exchanging our souls for mere trinkets. Do what you feel, trust yourself and just be. If we stay present in the moment that is our life and appreciate all that we have instead of in our minds wanting what we don’t have then we can silence the anxiety that we feel when our mind projects into the future.

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    1. Thank you for your comment ☺️ I’m definitely taking some to figure out what I want in life to make myself happy. I happiness can be overlooked sometimes in search to achieve our goals

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  3. I felt this way, too. After getting my degree (A B.A. in Arts, major in psych, minor in world religions and cultures), it did nothing for me. I realized I would be stuck in retail for a long while trying to get into a manager position to be taken seriously. Sadly, that was never going to happen. I worked too hard to be promoted, if that makes sense.
    So, after working for seven years, I quit with no idea where I was going or what I was going to do. I ended up having a book idea, and at the support of my mother and my husband, started on that journey.
    That was a year and a half ago.
    I may not be making money, but I am happy (most days). I get to write, and I’m hoping to get representation for my manuscript in the next couple months.
    Are there things I wish I could change? Sure, but ultimately, I think I am doing what I need to, and it seems to be what is best, too.
    Good luck with your journey! Hills and ditches lie ahead, but there worth overcoming!

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    1. So glad you have managed to follow your dreams and have found happiness – most days! ☺️ it gives me hope to hear from other people who have been through similar situations! Thank you xx

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  4. Anxiety is a tough thing to battle but it doesn’t define your past or future accomplishments or who you are. Wake up and just try your best to follow your heart and be grateful for all the gifts in your life – focusing on gratitude really helps me get centred when anxiety trys to knock me out of the game. Hugs!

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