Stress ball (Anxiety, Panic Attack’s and Depression)

Does anyone else feel their blood pressure rising over silly little daily tasks? If given the option then I avoid driving because I know that it’s not worth how worked up I’ll get. I’ve been driving now for over 7 years and I know in that time people’s quality of driving has deteriorated. I also seem to attract all these terrible drivers which creates additional unnecessary stress for me.

I know that my stressy-ness is my anxiety transferring itself but I don’t seem to be able to shake it.

Today I had put a lot of pressure on myself to go out and it backfired. I woke up feeling down and didn’t want to leave my bed, let alone the house. I knew I had to and eventually we decided to just pop to a couple of shops. I have a gift card for Home Sense/ TkMaxx so we thought the lure of shopping might improve my mood.

I declined to drive as I’m always worried that if I’m anxious my mind won’t 100% be on the driving. As we drove through one of the towns we stopped at a Zebra crossing. I was feeling particularly anxious by now but in addition to this my pet peeve is people who don’t thank you at a zebra crossing.

Two families crossed, neither of which bothered to thank us. So in the anxious-stressy mood that I was in I decided to shout at them, (from the safety of the car… obviously) about what a wonderful example they were setting for their children. My partner rolled his eyes and said one of these days I was going to wind up getting him punched.

I sat there and I knew it wasn’t me. Well, it was me in the sense that I am known for shouting at people who fail to thank. I also enjoy clapping at them and giving them a thumbs up. Just call me the manners police.

The feeling that I was experiencing wasn’t me, or at least not the me I want to be. Why was I so angry and wound up over people not thanking us at a zebra crossing? Yes it’s rude, yes it’s setting a bad example to their children, but why was I taking it so personally?

My anxiety was transferring itself.

All in all it was a rubbish day, but I’ll update you more on that next week on my weekly anxiety weekend round up (try saying that after a few drinks). How do you cope with your anxiety transferring onto different aspects of your life?


10 thoughts on “Stress ball (Anxiety, Panic Attack’s and Depression)

    1. It’s such a horrible situation to be in and it’s almost like an outer body experience where you can’t control yourself! Best wishes to your daughter xx


  1. I have no choice but to drive as hubby is 85, with 4 chronic illnesses, and neuropathy of the feet. Meaning no feeling in them. He pushes my buttons about my driving and I have to ignore it, as 2 doctors have told him not to drive. I am always stressed. Anxiety and panic attack I have to lock away.

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  2. I can completely relate to this post. I had 2 car accidents in November that put me off driving. I have only driven a number of times recently when there is no other option.
    However I turned the lack of wanting to be a passenger or driver into a positive by starting cycling everywhere. But when I do have to visit reality and drive a car, I now ensure that I have exercised, eaten and meditated. Safe journeys, your anxiety is only what you make it.

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    1. Oh that’s terrible, no wonder you don’t want to drive! I’m terrified that my anxiety will distract me, if only for a second. Although, I know in reality driving would distract me from my anxiety and I would be 100% focused on it. It’s the anxiety about anxiety! Good luck with getting yourself back in the car, don’t let other bad drivers put you off! x


  3. I don’t like sitting in one place and moving the wheel and pedals… also I don’t like looking in front when there is so much to observe on the sides 😊 all this to a point that I don’t like driving apart from the feeling that someone / something will pop up on my path.

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    1. Ahh there’s always so much else to look at! But that’s good because at least you’re aware of what’s going on around you. That person to the side of you could suddenly run in front of you and at least you’re aware of them x

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