A week in outfits #2

It’s a bit of a rubbish week in outfits this week! I had a good start to the week but it rapidly went downhill with my anxiety and because of that I was feeling quite down. Anyway, I did still document some of my outfits so here goes!

Saturday 19th January – We popped over to my parents for dinner which was quite a big deal for me. I don’t do well eating out at the moment. Thankfully, it was just my parents and my brother so I felt comfortable enough to eat a little.

The colours didn’t come out very well in the first picture. Today I wore a green corduroy dress from Topshop with a black black t-shirt underneath and some tights. I love this corduroy dress, normally these pinafore dresses do not suit my bodyshape – once they fit my hips they’re far too big on top. This one, however fit perfect. It’s made of a stretchy material and so is fitted which means it fits me everywhere – wooo!

Sunday 20th January – Eating out on Saturday wasn’t enough for me. Today we went for a roast at my partner’s mums. I found this eating experience far more nerve-wracking. I ended up deciding that I wouldn’t eat which took away some of my anxiety. With some of my anxiousness having ebbed away I managed a couple of roast potatoes!

I wore these snake print trousers from H&M which I love! Thankfully my nan is very good at sewing and was able to take them up about a foot for me. I thought today was the perfect day to wear them as we were only going from my house to his mums and so were not out and about much. I matched the trousers with a plain black top from H&M and threw a cropped black jumper over it, which I believe is about 100 years old from Quiz.

Monday 21st January – Today was what is known as Blue Monday and is suppose to be the most depressing day in January. I felt Blue Monday in full force. I woke up feeling generally anxious and like I was coming down with a cold. I had some work to do today and so I just wanted to be comfortable.

I threw on this green dress from Primark. It was perfect just to sit at my desk in but still look a little bit put together. I’m not a huge Primark fan but do sometimes find the odd bargain. What annoys me the most about Primark is their sizing! This dress above is an XS, however when I bought it I tried on a different style of dress in a size 12 and it was too small!

Tuesday 22nd January – My mood hadn’t improved much on Tuesday and so I was in working for most of the day. I did pop out for a walk at lunchtime and so thought I would share my walking outfit with you. This coat was a treat at the beginning of winter and I absolutely adore it! It’s a Barbour coat and this colour is exclusive to House of Frazer but only in their stores.

Thursday 24th January – Wednesday was lost in a cloud of anxiousness, depression and babysitting. Today, however my mum is coming over and so I decided to make a bit of an effort. My hair wasn’t having any of it. I put on an old Topshop t-shirt with a denim French Connection skirt that I picked up in the sales last summer – it looks huge in these pictures but I promise it’s well fitted in person! My mum and I popped to Sainsburys just to do a little bit of food shopping.

Unfortunately that is all I have for this week! Fingers crossed next week is a better one.


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