Baking green car shaped biscuits with a 3 year old

If you have ever tried Gluten Free biscuits you will know that they are yet to be a success. Oat based ones are the best but they don’t quite hit the spot when you’re craving a digestive biscuits. Today, I thought I would make some car shaped biscuits with my 3 year old cousin. I decided to make gluten-filled biscuits instead of attempting some gluten free. I wanted him to enjoy the experience, plus it stops me from eating them! I googled easy biscuit recipes for children. You can find the recipe here if you want to have a go.

The key to baking with a child is preparation! My grandparents babysit my cousins and I just help out sometimes and so whilst I was prepping they were entertaining them. We bake together when the youngest of the two is having her nap, that way the three year old can feel that it’s his special treat.

I wiped down all the surfaces and weighed out the ingredients ready for us to start. 

He loved helping me tip the ingredients into the bowl and then his hands went straight into the bowl. I was struck with horror as flour was being thrown everywhere but he was enjoying it and so I ignored how much cleaning up there would be after.

We rolled it out (minus a few chunks that he decided to pull from it). It was so nice working with gluten dough as it wasn’t sticking everywhere and felt a lot sturdier.

We took turns cutting the car shapes. He kept insisting on picking them up and giving them to me, hence why some of the cars have stretched bonnets. Eventually we cut them all and popped them in the oven for 12 minutes. We put some food colouring on the left-over dough and he stood and played with it for about an hour!

His favourite things are green cars so obviously we had to make some green icing! I prepped all the ingredients and had a jug of water. As I was pouring the water in he asked to help and so a lot more water went in than was planned. We dipped the cars in the green icing and then placed them back onto the cooling rack. He then decided to put his hands into the sticky icing and drizzle it over the already iced cars.

The clean up was incredibly sticky and it took numerous wipe downs of the work top but it was worth it. In the afternoon he went out for a walk with my grandparents and asked to take one of the biscuits with him in a little sandwich bag. He was very proud and went home that night with a box of biscuits to show off to mummy and daddy.

I’m planning car shaped gluten free pizzas for next week – I don’t have high hopes!


11 thoughts on “Baking green car shaped biscuits with a 3 year old

  1. Gluten free on a shoestring has an amazing biscuit! Skip the drop biscuits (I thought they were not real good), but her regular ones are amazing! She has wonderful easy to follow recipes, I’ve even splurged on a few of her cookbooks! I find it very hard to find any decent gf bread type product myself.

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    1. Thanks for the tip, I shall have a look for the recipe and her cookbooks! ☺️ Not sure where you’re based but M&S do really nice gluten free bread 😍 you can barely tell the difference with their brown seeded loaf ☺️


      1. I’m in the US, and I can’t stand grain beads sadly, lol. That has been the hardest part for me. Bread should be super soft and springy and moist… Coconut flours get the closest to the right texture for me, but I have not yet tried to make my own beads yet. Muffins and pancakes I found birchbenders paleo pancake mix and I swear by it! I’ve only been gluten free for two years now. I am dairy free too, and man did that make a big difference!

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      2. Oh no! I tried making my own gf bread once, never tried it again! Think it had the potential to kill someone 😆 my brother can’t have dairy so family occasions tend to be difficult to cater for 😆


      3. Gf banking takes a ton of practice! I have had some epic fails, my hubby and I laugh, because otherwise I’m pretty sure I’d cry a lot! Hehehe, but I don’t eat at family events, too high a chance I’d get glutened.


      4. You really do have to laugh! I spent a fortune attempting hot cross buns the other week and they came out like scones made from clay! 😆😫 It’s really difficult isn’t it! My cousins is gf too so thankfully the majority of my family are hyper aware or I just bring my own and prepare it there. Praying they create some form of tablet so one day we can eat gluten again 👏🏼

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