A Snow Day

There was once a day when I adored snow! The first sign of the soft flakes falling from the sky would fill me with a childish excitement. This year we have had quite a bit of snow but by the morning it has melted. I have these pictures that were taken last year and thought I would share them with you. They’re bitter sweet memories. These pictures were taken on the day of my dad’s accident. We had such a fun day in the snow with no idea of the trauma that would be greeting us that evening. However, these pictures are too pretty not to share with you and so let me show you my snow day a year ago.

I dressed a little over the top, I’ll admit. It was more to annoy my boyfriend but he didn’t rise to it and so I was stuck wearing my sunglasses and bright yellow coat – which clashed brilliantly with my baby blue wellies. I’d like to think he put his socks on properly for when we went out but who knows.

We walked into town that day. We needed some food and thought it would be nice to get out in the snow. Let me tell you walking uphill in snow and wellies is not easy. The struggle was definitely worth the views. We have a cricket ground in town and so we walked home via it to enjoy the snow.

As we walked back it began to snow again and we were caught in (an English) blizzard. Whilst fun at first having snow blown into your face whilst you’re trying to walk, without falling over is not easy. The views kept on wowing us though.

We took the long route home – it was all downhill so why not? As we walked we shook tree branches over each other and screeched as the cold snow dripped down our backs. It looks almost like a scene from a Christmas Card!

When we got home my dog was waiting for us. He loves the snow, however the snow does not love him. It clumps to his coat and he ends up covered in icey lumps which we have to either melt in a bowl of warm water or stand him on a mat and use a hairdryer on him. He races across the snow, kicking back in it and and burying his face in it. Who could say no to that snowy little face?

That afternoon we popped out for another walk. It was absolutely beautiful and at that point in time it was only fuelling my love of snow.

That evening this tree fell and hit my dad. We had to drive over to my parents house in the snow. Then the snow made it difficult for the ambulance and the assistance cars to get to my dad and then to take us to the hospital. We finally left the hospital at 4am the following morning and the drive in the snow was so scary. Due to the trauma of my dad’s injuries he could not be taken to their local hospital, as they were not equipped for it, and so the drive was long and on unknown roads. Thankfully my boyfriend navigated the roads and got us all home safely that evening. Since that night any mention of snow fills me with dread. I hope it melts soon for everyone. As fun and as pretty as it is people’s lives still have to go on and lives can be lost because of it.

How do you feel about snow?


8 thoughts on “A Snow Day

  1. It’s so refreshing to get out for a walk in the snow! Beautiful pictures. Sorry to hear about your dads car! I love snow on sunny warm days but I’m a big wuss when it’s any colder than -18 Celcius – after that I enjoy it by looking at it through the window!

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      1. Having to do anything in it is horrible! Doesn’t help that the whole of the south England comes to a stand still and people panic buy all the bread and milk 😫😆

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