January 2019 favourites

There’s nothing ground-breaking-ly new in this post but I thought I’d share with you some of the things I have been using and loving this January. I’m late to the party for most of the products but hey, I can still rave about them.


I often use my phone to scroll through blog posts and have found that lately it’s been hurting my hands. Unfortunately I think my hands are just a bit too small for my phone. I decided it was time to invest in a popsocket.

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to buy one! I ended up buying a Popsocket from Urban Outfitters as once I decided I wanted one that was that and I was too impatient to wait and order one from their website. It’s been saving my hands ever since, I feel more secure holding my phone and it makes taking pictures nice and easy. I hadn’t seen the point of them before if I’m honest, but now I’m a complete convert! It’s also handy to use as a stand to watch Youtube videos whilst I do my make up.

Card Games

Evenings in January can be really depressing. It’s pouring down outside and nobody has any money to go out and do anything. The TV has also been rubbish. We have found ourselves playing card games some evenings. It might not be the coolest way to spend an evening but it is fun and it gives you a chance to sit down and chat rather than sitting on your phones in silence wishing the minutes away until bedtime.


I’ve fallen back in love with Micellar water and my Urban decay Naked palette. I’ve also been using this new highlighter which came in my ASOS beauty advent calendar and I love it. I’m still upset that Urban Decay have chosen to discontinue this palette and so I am trying to use it sparingly despite loving it. I still find Urban Decay’s shadows to be the best in pigment, blending and wear. I’ve become lazy over the last couple of years with my make up but want to start making more of an effort. I enjoy sitting down and applying it and sometimes it gives me that little extra boost of confidence that I need to face the day.

Rescue Remedy

I’m not sure how I would have gotten through January without this. It was recommended to me by my cousin and I will definitely be purchasing it again. It definitely takes the edge off of my anxiety and in my eyes anything that can do that is a winner! You can find it on Amazon here*

Chilly Thermos

This Chilly Thermos Tumbler was bought for me for Christmas by my partner. I barely go anywhere without it now. I’m a terror for finishing a cup of tea and leave trails of half drunk cups in my wake. With this Thermos I can make a drink in the morning and still enjoy it with my lunch. I would definitely recommend getting one. You can find them on Amazon here*

Hoola benefit

I am very late to the party with this product! I’ve always wanted to try Benefit’s Hoola but always thought it looked a bit too dark for me. I got this little sample with my ASOS advent Calendar and I LOVE it! It’s definitely going to be something I purchase again in the future. With a little blending it’s perfect for my skin tone and not as scary as it first appears.

Luxie 512 brush

This brush was another little addition to my make-up collection from my ASOS Calendar. It’s perfect with the Hoola bronzer. I often find contouring/bronzing brushes to be far too big for my face and so this little one suits me. It’s beautifully soft and I haven’t experienced any fall out from the bristles.


My face struggles in the winter. I suffer from dry skin and eczema and so try to regularly treat my face to a mask. My favourite one is this Garnier SkinActive Hyaluron Shot. I’ll be honest I was sucked into these when all the YouTubers were promoting them but I am happy with it. I can definitely see the difference in my skin after using them.

What products have you been enjoying this January?



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