A snoop around my bedroom

I love going on Pinterest and looking at people’s interiors. I also love my bedroom and am very happy with how it looks. When I’m feeling anxious it’s my little haven that I can escape to. It was decorated about 4 years ago but I still wouldn’t change anything about it. I thought I would share my bedroom with you in hope to give you some inspiration or even to just satisfy your nosiness.

I wanted to go for a quaint cottage-like/ shabby chic look when I first planned how I would decorate the room. I had always had a boring wooden bed and so the first thing I decided was that I wanted a pretty bed. I have wrapped some rose gold fairy lights around the top of the bed – whilst they don’t look the prettiest during the day they’re lovely to switch on of an evening to twinkle above your head. The current bedding is my favourite and is only from Sainsburys. It’s brushed cotton and until I bought this set I didn’t even know brushed cotton existed. It’s the warmest and softest thing you could wish for. I’m dreading having to change the bedding. Sometimes I wish I had gone for a slightly plainer wallpaper as it makes choosing bedding quite difficult. I’m stuck with one look for the whole room now and can’t really change bedding and cushions to match the seasons. I know, that’s a very first world problem but it is something I would perhaps consider when redecorating.

Here’s a little close up of the design on the wallpaper. It’s fascinating to look at and every time I do I spot something new.

There’s only room for one bedside table as we have three wardrobe on the other side of the bed. It worked out well as the bedside could only fit on my side of the bed. It’s often cluttered with books and medicines. I’m still trying to make my way through all the Christmas themed books that I was bought for Christmas. I keep my hand cream next to my bed during the night in case my eczema starts to irritate. The pink box is full of medicines – everything from charcoal tablets to cough sweets. I use to keep all the medicines in my drawer but after getting this box free with a perfume purchase I thought it would be a good use for it.

My room has an eaves cupboard behind it and the entrance to it is next to my bed. It’s quite a creepy room if I’m honest so I’ve done my best to make the entrance look pretty. I found this door knob in Zara Home and thought it was quite in keeping with the theme of the room. The hanging decoration was a present from my mum and I love the quote on it, however it’s one of those things that they’re nice to have but where do you put it? So it ended up on the door knob. My cushions on my bed have ended up becoming a draft excluder for the door as I felt like I spent my life taking them on and off of the bed.

These shelves are my favourite part of my room. Other than a mirror I have nothing else hanging on the walls and so this is my statement area. The bottom shelf is half full of practical bits and half full of pretty clutter. I keep my favourite books out on show so that I can easily grab one to re-read, whilst the others are piled up in my wardrobe. The top shelf houses some of my espresso cup collection and some baking books. The top shelf is for bits and bobs that I’m not quite sure where to put! There’s numerous candles and a blingy Spurs hat – thanks mum and dad.

Below my shelves sit a chest of drawers. The top of these drawers can have a tendency to become a dumping ground, however I try to avoid this. My jewellery box sits on top of my Complete Wellness book.  I wear this ring and this pair of earrings everyday and so I just leave them placed on top of the box so that they’re easy to grab of a morning.

A recent addition to my room is the mirror on my desk. My grandparents have matching furniture throughout the bedrooms (I think the furniture may be older than me) and this mirror was sat on top of their chest of drawers. Once I finished university and no longer needed my desk to be exclusively a desk I thought it would be nice to have a dressing table. I looked for a mirror but nothing quite matched and so we decided the best option would be to take the one from their room, as they didn’t use it. I got this make-up storage for Christmas and it has been a life saver! Everything is now neatly to one side so that I can use the remainder of the table to work from home.

Here’s a little close up of the make-up I have stored in the contained. If you’re interested to see what I use on a daily basis then I did a post about it which can be found here.

I have a chimney breast on the wall in-between my shelves and my hair bits. The chimney breast holds a mirror and so it’s the perfect spot to do my hair. I got this shabby-chic-ish tray from H&M years ago and used it to keep my hair bits tidy and together. Other than my hair oil I try not to use too many product on my hair as it likes to become greasy very quickly!

I hope you enjoyed this little tour and it’s either given you some inspiration or satisfied your craving to be nosey for the time being.

What’s your favourite spot in your room/house?


16 thoughts on “A snoop around my bedroom

    1. Thank you! ☺️ I don’t have my own place yet so my bedroom is the only place that I’ve decorated. I could perhaps do some posts suggests items that would go together? I spend most of my life scrolling through Pinterest getting ideas so would love to do some posts like that! ☺️x

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  1. I love looking at photos of people’s interior designs, another good place for that is a site called Houzz.co.uk. I like your wallpaper, it’s a very pretty room. My bedroom is also my favourite room at the moment. It’s a very big room and is very cold so we put a new ceiling in the end of last year, had a massive declutter of years worth of junk and decorated it. I love it now, can’t wait for summer as it’s a very sunny room.

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