A Week in Outfits #3

I thought I would keep these posts up. They encourage me to make a little bit more of an effort most days. I feel that when I put a little more effort into my appearance then my general mood is that bit better all day. It’s not a full week of outfits as some days I couldn’t be bothered. I could have filled them with old outfits but I want to make these posts realistic. Or at least reflective of me and to show that it’s okay to sometimes not want make an effort. 

Saturday 26th January –

Today I really did not want to leave the house. Eventually my partner dragged me out of bed and forced me to get ready. I threw on a pair of leggings and this comfy Fat Face jumper (which is technically from the mens section).

Sunday 27th January –

Sunday my mood was slightly improved. I stayed in leggings and borrowed one of my partner’s jumpers. I was obviously enjoying wearing men’s jumpers this weekend. Can you spot my tan line on my wrist and hand? Opps!

Monday 28th January –

I feel like this outfit is reminiscent of the early 2000s. These jeans are from Zara and I got them in the sale a year or so ago – fun fact the stars on them are studs and they bruise my legs if I sit down in them for too long. I found the top during a clear out the other week. It has little skulls on it and I couldn’t bring myself to give it away therefore I made myself wear it this week. After wearing it I’ve decided that I am probably going to give it away as I find the neck incredibly annoying. I spent the day with my aunt and my two little cousins and so it was the perfect outfit for crawling on the floor playing with cars.

Tuesday 29th January –

Tuesday I wanted comfort and so I grabbed these trousers out of the wardrobe. I believe they’re from River Island. They were so comfy, however I popped out for a walk at lunch time and slowly realised that with my coat and a hat I looked like I was wearing my pyjamas. Might leave these trousers in the wardrobe until Spring/Summer.

Wednesday was spent with my little cousins and baking with them and so I re-wore the trousers from Tuesday.

Thursday 31st January –

Thursday I felt a little more like making an effort – even if I only popped to the supermarket! You’ll probably see this New Look dress a lot – it’s so comfortable and soft. I decided to dress it up a little bit with these knee high grey boots. These boots were bought for me by my mum so I’m not really sure where they’re from!

Friday was spent dog sitting as my grandparents were at the hospital all day. The snow was melting and so I’ll be honest I spent the day in my pyjamas bottoms and a jumper whilst I got on with some work. You don’t need to see me looking like that!

Until Next Week…


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