Weekend update (Snowy walks and M&S Gluten Free Range)

Friday evening I felt terrible with a cold. My head hurt, my eyes stung, my glands were up and my anxiety was convincing me that I felt sick. I decided to have a bath in an attempt to calm myself down. It worked! 2 hours later I emerged from the bath as one big prune. I felt a lot less coldy and anxious though!

By Saturday morning I was feeling a little bit better. I’d had a good nights sleep and that seemed to have tackled the worst of the cold. When I’m ill my anxiety is 100Xs worse and so we decided to stay close to home today. It had snowed a little overnight and so we went for a little drive and briefly got out the car. It was so pretty but freezing! I really was not feeling very well and so we decided to just head home, stopping briefly at Sainsburys to stock up on medicines!

We got home quite early that afternoon and so we spent the majority of the afternoon playing Monopoly! Eventually we decided to call it a day and leave it to be continued on Sunday.

(We returned to it on Sunday and I won!)

The snow was still hanging around on Sunday and so we decided to take another trip out. It was beautiful but I’m going to save the pictures for a separate post – sorry! We had a little walk and then decided to pop into town to get some yummy food for lunch.

We spotted this beauty in M&S! At £4.50 I was reluctant to buy it but eventually my love of garlic bread won.

As soon as we stepped through the door we put the oven on to pre-heat. I can honestly say that this was the best gluten-free garlic bread I have ever tasted. If only it were cheaper then it would be perfection!

It looks like we spent all of Sunday eating – I promise we didn’t (sort of). We also picked up these spring rolls and decided to try them with a risotto for dinner. I didn’t have high hopes when I opened the packet and the smell resembled some gluten free doughnuts that I’ve previously had! Despite the smell they crisped up brilliantly and tasted just like normal spring rolls. I would recommend them!

Being ill this weekend meant that I had to take things slowly. I stayed close to home knowing that my anxiety couldn’t cope with much more – plus I felt really rubbish. It’s been nice having a quiet weekend but I hope to push myself and my anxiety a little more next week!

What did you get up to this weekend?


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