Being judged for wearing make-up

I would consider myself to be an open minded individual that respects everyone’s  opinion. However, one thing that really annoys me is men who think they have the right to dictate whether a woman should wear makeup. Or even express an opinion as to whether or not or how much make up someone wears. The perimeters of this are wider than just men judging women. I’ve been judged by other women and it applies to men who wear make up. Having just read a blog post written by a man about how women should not waste time doing their make up I felt like having a little rant.

I’m a huge advocate of being confident and happy with the person you are. I know, however that it’s not always achievable. Some days my make up gives me that extra little confidence boost for the day, other days it’s just fun for me to play around with. Some days I feel happy and confident but I still want to indulge in doing my make up. What’s so wrong with that?

The particular post that I read used the argument that women could use the time they take applying make up to do better things. Can 15 minutes concentrating on yourself and indulging in something you enjoy really be considered a waste of time?

Women wear make up for a number of different reasons, each of which are equally valid. Furthermore, whose business is it other than theirs whether or not they wear make up?!

What’s something that annoys you?


16 thoughts on “Being judged for wearing make-up

  1. Yes! I totally agree. I’ve had comments on the school runs about my make up- they always follow with you look Great but they couldn’t be arsed to do it. Thing is I do it because it gives me confidence. I feel naked without it. Even if I have a day at home I wear it…. I would feel so self conscious leaving the house without it and trust me I wish I could! So yea I hate those judgemental comments. If people want to wear make up, let them! If they don’t then good for them too!


    1. That’s horrible! I’d imagine they’re just a bit jealous that you have yourself together enough to put make up of a morning. Don’t let their comments affect you – keep doing what makes you feel the most confident 🙂


    1. It’s so annoying that someone will cast an opinion if you wear make up or if you don’t. We just can’t win! I guess it’s almost flattering that people have so little to talk about they’re left discussing whether or not we’re wearing make up 🙄

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  2. I absolutely agree! Where I live, a lot of people also don’t wear make up. I see guys who would come and say: my girlfriend must be purely natural, no make up for them. Well, no wonder they don’t have a girlfriend, since years… I find it interesting when people say that though, because it gives me an idea how someone’s brain works… Needless to say, I categorize them in the box “not very open minded”… I have “friends” who say that I’m a “make up doll”… Luckily, I don’t see them that often… xoxo Sarah

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    1. Can not stand guys like that! I was watching tv the other day and a man completely disregarded a woman because she had false eye lashes on… who is be to judge her for wearing lashes?! They’re definitely very narrow minded! Keeping doing your make-up however you want, their opinion is completely irrelevant ❤️

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