A snowy walk at Knole

We had snow here in Kent over the Weekend – not much where I live, but enough to make everything look that bit prettier. On Sunday we decided to visit Knole to have a walk in the slush-like-snow. It was a beautiful sunny day with blue skies and apparently the rest of the world had the same idea as us.

As we reached the entrance to Knole we saw that the gate was shut informing us that it was closed due to severe weather. No worries, we decided we would just park around the back and have a walk around the park. Let me set the scene for you – the back of Knole has a small country lane running along the perimeter, only just big enough for two cars. Once side of the road was full of parked cars, the other had cars coming from both directions battling to get past each other. It was utter chaos! We pulled in to let a row of cars go which then got stuck further down the road. We decided to just parked where we had pulled in and go for a walk then deal with getting the car out later

(I’ll be honest I secretly thought we may have to abandon the car and come back for it in the evening due to the amount of traffic).


The views at Knole were worth the stress of the drive…

The park is big enough so that you can lose yourself and forget that all of those cars full of people are there with you. The sun was shining and reflecting off of the snow. In places there was snow that had been untouched and so I immediately crunched my way through it, revelling in the sound that snow made under my wellies.

The footprints show you how many other people have enjoyed the views here. If you looked close enough you could make out the footprints of the deer. We didn’t see any today, they must have all been hiding. I don’t blame them for hiding since there were also lots of children sledging.

My nose was bright red from having to blow it so many times with my cold, however in this setting I looked just like everyone else whose noses were red from the cold. Despite my smile my feet were turning numb from the cold in my wellies – I really need to get some welly socks. There’s something refreshing about a walk in the snow and it was just what I needed to lift my mood.

The snow against the blue skies are so dramatic and beautiful. Then there’s my boyfriend moon walking in the snow…

Hopefully soon I can take you for a proper tour of Knole and perhaps a peek inside the house. You can walk up to the house from the back, however it was so cold we kept our walk short – especially with me not being very well.

Have you had any snow?

(PS. We didn’t have to leave the car until night fall)


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