Tips for beating a cold

I have a lot of colds! It’s the beginning of February and I’m already on my fourth cold of the year. I eat well and yet still always catch these colds.

Anyway, lets forget about my terrible excuse for an immune system. Having had so many colds throughout my life I thought I would share with you my tips and tricks to help beat a cold. Some of these are quite straight forward but sometimes when your brain is in the midst of a cold the simplest of tasks can be forgotten.


Drink lots of water and take a Berocca. Water is the best for you but you can make it more exciting by adding in some lemon, some honey or even a herbal tea bag. Technically, you should stay away from caffeine but when I’m feeling ill nobody can deprive me of my cup of tea. Berocca boasts many benefits including boosting your energy and your vitamin C. In addition to this having one will force you to consume an additional glass of water. When I’m suffering from a cold the boost of energy from a Berocca is invaluable (and you have the excitement of luminous orange wee).
Take an Allergy Tablet – If, like me, you suffer with numerous allergies then allergy tablets may be beneficial for you whilst suffering from a cold. When I’m ill I can go through a few boxes of tissues a day and so in an attempt to reduce the amount of mucus my body produces I take allergy tablets. I find that it makes a difference to how congested I am.

*Don’t always go for the brand! These ones were almost £4 cheaper than the branded ones and work exactly the same. 

Use a nose spray – A couple of years ago I went through a period of constant colds and sinus infections. I should have gone to the doctors but between juggling my Masters and work I didn’t have time. I started to use a nose spray for sinusitis and it made such a difference. I have continued to use nose sprays since. I recently started using this Vicks one and have found it really clears my nose. I’m a terror for only breathing through my nose and so when I have a cold I really suffer!

Keep your lips moisturised – My lips turn to sandpaper when I’m ill, it’s often the first sign for me that I’m getting sick. I’ve been piling this onto my lips and they seem to be slowly softening. My top lip has been threatening to split in the middle but thankfully with the help of some lip balm such a crisis has been avoided.

Keep your nose moisturised – From the first time you blow your nose pop some vaseline on the end of it. I currently look like I’m auditioning for the role of Rudolph for Christmas 2019, however thanks to the vaseline that I’ve been slavering on my nose it’s not painful. I do blow my nose an extortionate amount though so hopefully you don’t go as red as I do!

Eat well! – The slow cooker is my best friend when I’m feeling ill. I chop and prepare lots of vegetables and throw them in with some stock. Not only am I treating my body to everything it needs I’ve also finished all the prep for dinner before I’ve even eaten my breakfast! There’s also often enough leftovers for dinner and/or lunch the following day.

Additional Tips – 

  • Get enough sleep – this will give your body the chance to heal and if you suffer from anxiety you will know the importance of a good nights sleep.
  • Take a glass of water to bed – In addition to encouraging you to drink lots this is also a life saver in the morning. We all know that feeling when you wake up in the morning with a cold – your head is banging, you can barely breathe and your throat feels like you’ve spent the night swallowing sand. Thanks Mr Sandman. Having a glass of water to hand can at least help alleviate the dry mouth and throat.
  • Have a bath – In addition to the steam helping to clear your airways this will also relax you.


Get well soon!

I really want to try and start taking some multi-vitamins but am finding it difficult to find some that are vegetarian and easy to take (I can’t swallow tablets). Does anyone have any recommendations?


3 thoughts on “Tips for beating a cold

  1. Vicks first defence nasal spray is great, you use it hen you feel cold symptoms coming on. So far everytime I’ve used it, it’s definitely helped lessen the length and severity of my cold 😀

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