Self-care Sunday

We’ve all been there on a sunday afternoon where that Monday morning feeling begins to creep up on you. I find the best way to tackle this is with a pamper evening. This will allow you to reset yourself and prepare yourself both physically and mentally for the coming week. Here’s a little insight to what I get up to in order to feel ready to tackle the oncoming week and enjoy the remainder of my Sunday.

I like to begin my pamper evening with a bath. I’ll wash my hair and treat it to a conditioning treatment. My hair isn’t in the best of conditions right now and I am currently trying to rid it of a bout of dandruff. Nice. However, I’m now also stuck with a bottle of Head and Shoulders that I need to make my way through. Usually I would get the citrus one, only this one was on offer so I grabbed it – big mistake! It smells like fish. Grim. 

Once out of the bath I ensure I am properly moisturised – I suffer badly with dry skin and eczema. Once I have moisturised I then apply some fake tan just to give my skin a little bit of a glow! Also in an attempt to convince myself that my last holiday wasn’t forever ago.

Whilst in the bath I also treat my face to a little TLC. I begin by using my Elemis cleansing balm to remove my make up. I then use my Neutrogena face scrub alongside my cleansing brush. I move the brush around my face in circular motions, ensuring that every inch is cleansed.

This Sand & Sky clay mask was part of my ASOS beauty advent calendar, whilst I’m not sure I would re-purchase it, it does smell amazing. I put this over my T-zone and a little on my chin and then lie back in the bath whilst it works its magic.

Finally, I apply The Ordinary’s hyaluronic acid and use my Jade roller to ensure that the product is applied to all of my face. I’ve been using my Jade roller for a month or so now and do think I can tell the difference.

I am grateful for my skin as I don’t tend to suffer any breakouts, however I do have quite big pores. In the summer I like to pretend they’re freckles but I don’t think I’m kidding anyone. I’ve also just told you all… oops! 

The next step of my pamper evening is to do my nails. A couple of Christmasses ago I got a UV nail lamp so that I could do my own gel nails. Whilst I love going out and having them done they’re about £30 a set near me and that adds up quickly! They may not look as perfect as when I go and get them done but I can live with that when I know I’m saving money.

I tidy up my cuticles before filing and shaping my nails. I then buffer my nails to provide a better surface for the gel nail varnish to adhere to. Once completed I wipe my nails over with some nail varnish remover, again to create a better surface for the gel.

I invested in a CND bottom and top coat and then sometimes use a cheaper brand for the actual colour.

With Valentine’s Day approaching I decided to do my nails pink with the aptly named ‘Made him blush’. In order to do my nails properly it takes around an hour. I usually pop a film on whilst doing them and relax.

I know they’re not as perfect as they would be if I had gone and got them done professionally but I can deal with some wonkiness in return for £30 in my pocket! They tend to last a week or two and then I usually give my nails a month’s break to regrow and recondition themselves.

After having been ill all week my face feels like it has taken a bashing. I’ve been sleeping badly due to coughing and blowing my nose and so the bags under my eyes are a beautiful aubergine colour. These Garnier Tissue Masks were on offer in Boots and so I picked up a pair. They felt so refreshing on my eyes as I sat with a cup of tea and finished my film from earlier.

By now I’m usually feeling quite relaxed and ready for dinner! We had risotto tonight and then sat down to watch some Sunday night television with a bar of chocolate.

How do you relax on a Sunday night?



14 thoughts on “Self-care Sunday

    1. Coconut oil is my go to! It actually is really great for the skin and for those who have skin that tends to break out at all, it has antibacterial properties! I have terrible eczema and it is one of the only things I’ve found that works, especially in the terrible winters in Minnesota.

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      1. I’ve only tried coconut oil on my hair – I will give it a go on my skin and see if it makes a difference. Thank you for the tip 🙂 It’s such a chore trying to find the correct products to use on eczema prone skin!

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    1. Thank you ☺️ Jade rolling has a number of benefits. Jade traditionally draws out negative energies. In addition to this the rolling action increases circulation which reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps to reduce puffiness. I think I can see a difference but it also feels really nice for my face! It acts as a massage which can only help your skin by increasing blood flow x


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