A week in Outfits #4

I’ve had a very difficult week. I’ve been feeling really ill with a cold. It’s my fourth cold so far this year and so my mental health is suffering too. I’ve been upset with myself as I feel like each week I alternate between either being depress or being ill (and depressed). I don’t feel like I’ve had a break or had any fun so far this year. Perhaps I just need a holiday – roll on June! I want to continue documenting my week in outfits as it also doubles as a form of diary for me and is something I can look back on this time next year.

Saturday 2nd February –

I didn’t get a picture of my outfit today. I was feeling the full force of my cold and so just threw on a pair of leggings and a jumper. We popped out for a walk in the snow and so I threw on my green coat from New Look, my Barbour scarf and my favourite Barbour boots. These boots are my everyday pair and are almost two years old now.

Sunday 3rd February –

I woke up on Sunday feeling a little bit better and so was motivated to pop out for another snowy walk. I wore my Topshop coat which is a purpley colour in person, although the colours hasn’t really come out in this picture. I kept wrapped up with my pink hat from River Island and my pink Monki scarf. I had been wearing my Barbour boots but decided to swap them for my wellies to prevent myself from getting wet feet! I love my Hunter wellies, however they’re a little bit too long for my short legs and so if I sit down in them they dig into the backs of my knees. The joys of being below average in height.

Monday 4th February – 

Monday was spent in my pyjamas feeling very ill and very sorry for myself. I hope to do a blog post soon about anxiety and illness as they both feed in to each other and you end up feeling 100xs worse – or at least in my experience they do.

Tuesday 5th February

I still felt really ill and depressed today but tried to make a bit of an effort. I grabbed a bright dress out of my wardrobe in an attempt to improve my mood. It’s freezing here in England and so I threw a cropped jumper over it and some wooly tights. This outfit is a little on the summery side for the weather here but I wanted to embrace the thoughts of summer and I was staying in all day so I didn’t get to experience the cold too much. I spent the day working and doing some cooking in a further attempt to improve my mood.

Wednesday 6th February – 

I’ve realised that this outfit possibly isn’t the most flattering for my shortness. I tend to wear some heeled boots when out so can only hope it improves the look! (And makes my legs longer) Today I popped into town in the morning and then worked all afternoon. The jeans are my usual Topshop Joni jeans and the peplum top is from Zara. I find outfits like this quite boring tbh! Fingers crossed for something more exciting tomorrow.

Thursday 7th February – 

And…. I didn’t come through with an exciting outfit today, sorry!

I was still feeling poorly today but I had work to get on with. I threw on my Topshop Joni jeans and my Zara stripey top. I took regular breaks to drink tea and enter competitions to win a night away. One of which I later realised had a closing date of 2015 – I think I’m onto a winner there! I’m thoroughly having one of those ‘I want a holiday or a night away’ moods. With no plans for a night away until the end of May I have a long wait!

Friday 8th February – 

All in all it’s been a rubbish  but comfy week for outfits! I’m wearing both leggings and a jumper from Topshop today. Between working and having my little cousins over today there was no need for a fancy outfit. The little gremlins only wipe their mucky hands and faces over me anyway.

Lets hope for more exciting outfits next week!



13 thoughts on “A week in Outfits #4

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I would love to go anywhere with sun. I think sunny weather can make most situations feel a lot better. Are you a sun person?


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