Weekend update (Marmite, M&S Gluten Free Macaroni and Monday)

Sorry that this weekend update is a little late this week. Usually I try to get this up on a Monday but I wanted to include my Monday in this post. Altogether it has been a very positive weekend (and Monday). I’m not sure whether it’s just me being a pessimist or if it’s anxiety related but when things go well I can’t help but think ‘what’s going to go wrong now?’ I’m trying to get out of this mindset though and generally approach life in a positive manner. However, last time I thought to myself ‘I feel like me again’ I was struck down with norovirus the following day. Anyway, here’s what I got up to this weekend and how my anxiety was.

Saturday 9th February – 

I woke up on Saturday feeling a little more positive about life in general and my anxiety. I think that blogging has given be a distraction from my anxiety and has helped me to begin to tackle it. On Saturday my boyfriend was working and so my parents came over to keep me company. We popped into town and had a little walk around. I was a little on edge but tried to ignore it. I made it through about half an hour in town and then a quick trip to Tesco. The fact that I hadn’t had a panic attack whilst out was a huge achievement for me and I felt really proud of myself.

I saw this little beauty in Tesco. I’m a Marmite lover, however it’s not gluten free and so have not been able to have any for over a year now. Tesco do a yeast extract spread which appears to be gluten free and so I have been using that instead. Not sure I would want this for Valentine’s Day, even as a marmite lover.

I’ve mentioned it before but my mum is a photographer. Whilst in town she spotted this atrocious blouse and bought it so that we could do some Victorian themed pictures. Having been blowing my nose all week the last thing I felt like was having my picture taken, but my mum was not taking no for an answer. 

And here is the final picture! I’m not a fan of myself in the picture but I can see the look my mum was going for.

When my boyfriend got back from work we drove over to his mum’s and cooked dinner for when she got home from work. We had a nice couple of hours there. I was proud of myself for eating somewhere other than my house and not having a panic attack. Overall, I felt like Saturday was a very positive day for my anxiety and it made me feel incredibly happy.

Sunday 10th February – 

Sunday was not quite as successful as Saturday. I woke up feeling a little bit wobbly with my anxiety and so we made plans with this in mind. We popped to a local shopping centre as I wanted to look for some new bedding.

We were unsuccessful in finding bedding but did get some face cream, mouth wash and tissues – how exciting! These travel tissues are brilliant for popping in your handbag when you have a cold.

For dinner we tried out M&S’s new gluten free macaroni cheese. It was amazing!! I had accepted that macaroni cheese was a thing of the past but now my world has been changed. My boyfriend had it too and agreed that you would not have known that it was gluten free. I’ve already gone out and bought another one. It’s also nice to sometimes be able to grab something rather than cooking from scratch.

Monday 11th February – 

Usually I end my weekend updates on a Sunday night, however I felt like since this was a positive update and the positivity continued into Monday I would share it with you. My nan and I popped to our local shopping mall, Bluewater. We had nothing to get which took the pressure off and I knew that at any moment I could leave.

I barely felt any anxiety during our trip. We had a couple of hours there and even managed to sit down and have a coffee. I’ve not been able to sit and have a coffee since I had the norovirus last October so this was a huge achievement for me. It felt amazing to go out for a few hours and to feel ‘normal’.

I hope everyone else has had a good weekend!

How do you keep positive?



19 thoughts on “Weekend update (Marmite, M&S Gluten Free Macaroni and Monday)

  1. Well it really sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Working through our anxiety related issues is a daily challenge, and for myself (as it seems to be for you as well) means writing about it. Sharing your experience and getting the cathartic release from addressing your anxiety in the written word is powerful. You are amazing and an inspiration. Oh and the photo your mum took of you is very lovely.
    Be Kind, Do No Harm, J. Avery. Cain

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  2. Your mother did a splendid job with the portrait but then she had a beautiful person to work with. I’m glad you got to enjoy your coffee. I used to love Bovril but they’re not allowed to sell it here in the US so have to make do with Marmite which is an ok substitute.

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    1. Thank you for your comment ☺️ Oh no! My brother’s girlfriend is America and she usually goes home with a case full of English contraband 😆 So annoying that you can’t get a lot of things out there!

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  3. How do I keep positive? It can be hard sometimes. I was really haunted by my demons yesterday and couldn’t stop thinking about it at night. Today it’s sunny, and this little bit of sun has already helped in lightening up. When it’s about things I cannot control, I try to remind myself that it’s not worth being grumpy about it. So I try letting it go.

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  4. Great photo Mum. So much tension in the mood – but also trust that although you didn’t want your picture taken you’ll let her go ahead.
    I’m enjoying your blog – I admire your openness and candour. Haven’t really found my voice yet but it’s early days.

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    1. Thank you ☺️ My mum doesn’t really take no for an answer haha!

      I hope you find your voice soon ☺️ I’ve found that the more I talk the better I feel and the fact that I’m helping other people is a huge bonus!


  5. Well done for what you managed this weekend. I struggle with anxiety and depression and I’m currently off sick, so I can totally relate to how your feeling. It’s nice to know that there are others out there feeling the same way xx


    1. Thank you! I’ve loved meeting people through blogging and realising I’m not alone. Hope you start getting back on your feet soon ❤️xx


    1. Thank you for your comment ☺️ I’m sick of seeing people only post the positive parts of their lives. Everyone has struggles and I want to help people by talking about my own, whilst also sharing the positive bits ☺️


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