Homemade hair mask for dandruff

I am cursed with oily roots and dry ends. For the last week or so I’ve also noticed that I’ve been getting a lot of dandruff. There are a number of causes for dandruff and it’s possible that my oily-sensitive scalp may be the cause. However, I suspect that the real cause is because I’ve been feeling so depressed and fighting off cold after cold. At around the age of 13/14 I had pneumonia and in the months after my hair began to fall out. My body was busy repairing itself and so had to divert it’s energy and nutrients. It seems that my hair is one of the first things to feel the affects of my body.

I bought some head and shoulders and have been furiously scrubbing at my scalp to rid the white flakes. However, it was having no affect.

I decided to do some googling and create a hair mask.

My research revealed that coconut oil is good for dandruff, it moisturises the scalp and therefore tackles the dryness which is often associated with dandruff. Since coconut oil is the holy grail of the at-home-beauty-industry I quickly grabbed my pot out of the cupboard and set it aside before going back to my research.

Baking soda is another remedy for dandruff and so I grabbed the bicarbonate of soda out of the cupboard. I have previously used bicarbonate of soda on my hair and I know that it does dry my hair out a little. It’s great for giving your hair texture though and I would recommend using it the night before doing an up-do. I thought that combined with the coconut oil would counteract it’s drying qualities.

The final ingredient that I chose to use was white wine vinegar. I’ll be honest I had been hunting in the cupboards for apple cider vinegar but we didn’t have any. The vinegar works to return the PH of your hair back to its natural balance.

Armed with these three ingredients I went ahead and made myself a hair mask.

I melted 1 Tablespoon of coconut oil in a bowl. Added in 1 Tablespoon of white wine vinegar and finally mixed in 2 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda.

I took my tangle teaser and brushed my hair before spooning the mixture onto my scalp. I rubbed the mixture into my scalp, the bicarbonate of soda giving the mixture a gritty texture in order to exfoliate.

I left this mask on for an hour and went away to prep dinner – it was a little annoying as coconut oil dripped down my forehead.

Eventually I washed the mask off and washed my hair as normal.

I then brushed through my hair whilst it was wet and put some leave in conditioner in the roots.

I was extremely happy with the results! No sign of any dandruff and my hair feels so clean.

Apologies for the picture – I wanted to show you my hair but the long lasting affects of having a cold have taken their toll on me!

What’s your go to hair mask?


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