Valentine’s Day – Gluten free cheesecake

I thought I’d do a little belated Valentine’s Day post to show you all how we celebrated – I also wanted to share the amazing cheesecake that I made. We decided not to do much, instead my boyfriend booked the following day off work so that we could have a day out somewhere. We did however swap cards and I made some yummy food.

I know many people are anti-Valentine’s Day but I love it. In an ideal world we would show everyone how much we appreciate them everyday but unfortunately life often gets in the way! It’s the perfect excuse to spend a bit more time together and remind each other of how much you appreciate them.

I couldn’t decide which card to get my partner and so I got him two! Was slightly awkward at the checkout paying for two cards – and my mum decided to embarrass me by telling me not to write the wrong names in them. Normally I would spend a fortune on a card but my mum persuaded me to have a look in the Card Factory and I got both of these for half the amount I would normally spend! We decided not to do presents as we’re trying to save but I wanted to get him something and so I settled for some creme eggs.

Great minds think alike and I got chocolates too! These are my absolute favourites.

We had a yummy dinner of veggie burgers filled with halloumi, homemade wedges and a gin! I also made this cheesecake which tasted amazing!!

To make this you will need:

1 pack of gluten free biscuits

60g butter – melted

1 tub of philadelphia

100g icing sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

150 ml of cream

Mini eggs to decorate

  1. Crush the biscuits in a bowl (I used a potato masher) and mix in the sugar.
  2. Melted the butter and add it to the biscuit and sugar mix.
  3. Transfer the biscuit mix into a cake tin and use the back of a spoon to smooth out and push down.
  4. Put the base in the fridge to set
  5. Mix together the Philadelphia, icing sugar and vanilla essence
  6. Add the double cream to the mixture and use an electric whisk. Keep whisking the mixture until it begins to stiffen
  7. Spoon the mixture onto the base, decorate with the mini eggs and then pop back into the fridge to set

Trust me, it tastes amazing!!

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day whether you shared it with a partner, friends or yourself.


11 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day – Gluten free cheesecake

  1. It look’s delicious! Cheese Cake is my Favorite Desert! A very close second is Apple Pie and Ice Cream! MMMMMMmmmmm…Boy, If made that I’d have to walk a hundred miles to burn those calories! Thanks for the recipe. I will keep it for future use after I reach my Weight Loss Goal.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honestly it is so worth the calories!! 😍 I’ve been instructed not to make it again until a special occasion because it’s too nice not to eat 😆 Save it as a treat! Good luck reaching your goal ☺️xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Speaking of calories.. I might have a few Beers tonight to celebrate the end of the week. So if you see any strange posts.. It’s just me being stupid and letting my mind wander… Oooops, I forgot.. You are new to my posts.. Sorry, maybe you might want to just laugh at them for now until you understand my humor or attempts at such. I am going to go grocery shopping tomorrow and I may just make that Cheese Cake…


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