A week in outfits #5

If you read my weekend update then you will know that I had a really good weekend and Monday. I was feeling really positive and my anxiety was at the lowest it’s been for months. Overall I have felt more positive this week, with a little dip towards the end as I began to feel frustrated that I hadn’t achieved as much as I had at the start of the week. Friday lifted my mood though. I think my positive attitude shone through in my outfits this week ☺️

Saturday 9th February –

Today I was feeling quite positive about everything and so put that little bit extra into my outfit. This leopard print midi dress is from New Look and it’s gorgeous! Such an easy wear too. I pop some tights underneath it at the moment as it’s freezing here but in the summer it’ll look great with bare legs and some sandals. I’m loving maxi dresses like this at the moment – they’re so easy to wear and layer up for the cold weather but they’ll still be brilliant for as it warms up!

Sunday 10th February –

Sunday was a quiet day where we popped to a local town for some shopping. I threw on my Missguided chequered dress. It’s super comfy but really flattering at the same time. I felt a little more on edge today and so we approached the day with more caution.

Monday 11th February –

Monday I felt really good. I put on this snake print dress from New Look. I also decided it was time to switch up bags and brought out my big Kate Spade. I definitely think my positive mood shone through into my outfit today! I had a lovely morning shopping with my Nan and even managed to stop for a coffee!

Tuesday 12th February –

Today was a day of chores and work. I wore this old corduroy tan skirt from Topshop with a plain black long sleeve t-shirt from New Look. I’ll be honest once I got home from the supermarket I swapped the skirt for some comfy jogging bottoms so that I could sit in comfort and work.

Wednesday 13th February –

Today was super boring, I had a tight deadline with work and so was sat at my desk until 8pm. Usually I bake with my little cousin today but I couldn’t fit it in and I felt incredibly guilty.

Knowing that I had a day of work ahead of me I decided to put some effort into my outfit to cheer me up. I wore my denim ASOS dress – which if I’m honest is slightly too tight for comfort.

Thursday 14th February –

Having met my deadline on Wednesday I had a lot more time today. I went with my Nan to pick my cousin up from nursery. I had a plain t-shirt dress on and dressed it up with my River Island suedette coat and my Barbour scarf. My boyfriend and I didn’t really do much to celebrate Valentines Day – instead we had a date day on Friday (Click here for the cheesecake I made!)

Friday 15th February –

Today I was super excited but incredibly nervous. My boyfriend had the day off work and we were planning a trip down to Brighton. It’s about a 1 and a half hour drive and the furthest I have been from home for many months. I am going to do a separate post on our day out so look out for that! This little Zara dress is a new addition to my wardrobe and I suspect you will be seeing a lot of it!

How has your week been?


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