Weekend update (Macarons and Walks)

Friday I had an amazing day. My boyfriend booked the day off of work and we headed down to Brighton. My anxiety was relatively low for the day and we had so much fun. Look out for my post on it tomorrow!

Unfortunately the rest of the weekend did not go the same way. It’s a bit of a short update this week but it’s a truthful account of how I’ve been feeling.

Saturday 16th February –

I tend to find that a good day is always followed by a bad day. I woke up with absolutely no motivation to do anything and just generally feeling a bit down. Eventually I forced myself to pop out for a walk round the shops. I didn’t really want to be there and so we weren’t out for long.

The fresh air did slightly improve my mood and we stopped on the way home to pick up some macarons.

We had a quiet evening watching television and eating our macarons!


Sunday 17th February –Β 

Today we went over to my partner’s mum. She had the family round for dinner, however we decided to go over later and skip dinner. Although I had woken up in a better mood than the previous day, I didn’t feel ready to face eating at someone else’s.

We popped out for a walk as it was such a nice day. The walk was fun and we sat down in a tea room’s garden with a cup of coffee. I only managed to sit for about 10 minutes but at least I tried! I hope to write a blog post about it at some point.

The weather definitely improves my mood – since we’ve been experiencing some warmer and sunnier weather I feel more able to tackle my anxiety.

I felt incredibly anxious about the journey over to my partner’s mum’s but I took some of my rescue remedy and successfully calmed myself down. We had a lovely afternoon/evening with everyone and I felt like I had successfully pushed myself out of my comfort zone.

However, Sunday night was bad. I couldn’t sleep until about 4am and so as I am sat here writing this I am feeling incredibly tired and down.

Hopefully the rest of the week s better!



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