Brighton and Ashdown Forest

As many of you know back in October I was struck down with norovirus and since then my anxiety has been horrific and I haven’t been far from my house. The furthest I have been from home since October is my partner’s mum’s house which is a 40 minute drive away. I decided enough was enough, I needed a fun day out to feel like my old self again. My partner booked a day off work during the week so that it wouldn’t be so busy. We decided to go down to Brighton but we agreed we wouldn’t put too much pressure on me – if I woke up on the day and didn’t feel up to it then we would just go somewhere closer to home. I tried not to put pressure on myself but I wanted to go so badly it was hard not to. Friday came around and I knew there was no backing out – I was going to Brighton.

The journey was difficult, it took us about an hour and a half and I had a little panic in the middle. I made it there though! Once I was there my anxiety began to fade away. I even managed to sit on the beach and eat some chips! I had set myself the task of staying there until 3pm. I successfully achieved my goal.

Anyway, enough with the anxiety side of it here’s a little peek at our day out.

We were incredibly lucky with the weather, it was sunshine, blue skies and was relatively warm! However, the downside meant that everyone else thought that they would make the most of the weather and take a trip down to Brighton. This meant that the Lanes were busy and I couldn’t get the pictures I wanted to show you all.

We walked round the quirky antique shops, marvelling at the collections. I began to relax as we lost ourselves in the sea of stuff. Most of which I would not want to bring home with me but it is fun to look at!

Nestled at the back of the shop we found a pile of sunglasses! We stood trying them on, laughing at each other as we tried on the most ridiculous pairs. I tried on a pair that I loved (not the ones in the picture…) but didn’t buy them and I have so much regret!

We continued our trying on session in another shop. I made my boyfriend try on this garish sparkly hat to which he complained about how heavy it was. We found a matching one in the women’s section but decided against getting the matching pair. Surprisingly, I don’t regret not buying these as much as I regret not buying the sunglasses.


We then popped into Choccywoccydoodah and had a walk round, looking at the delicious treats on offer. There’s a cafe upstairs which one day I would love to explore, however my anxiety didn’t quite feel up to that today.

We then headed into the town centre and had a walk round the shops. I tried some bits on in Topshop but none of it suited me. I think my new Zara dress is just too nice nothing else compares! I walked out of Topshop very happy that I still had my money in my pocket!

At this point I was reaching my limit but it wasn’t quite 3pm. We had another 20 minutes to go. We decided to keep walking round and go in a few more shops so that I made it until 3! We got in the car 3:01pm and it felt like a huge achievement.

The traffic was bad on our way home so we came off of the motorway and took a detour to Ashdown Forest. It was absolutely beautiful. We stopped briefly and got out of the car for a short walk.

The views were stunning and the lighting was amazing. It was a difficult decision to either look at the view of look where we were walking – needless to say we tripped up many times!

I felt incredibly happy. I had tackled my big day out and at the same time I had an amazing time. Our detour to Ashdown Forest was the icing on the cake and made a perfect day even more so.

Where have you had a day out to lately?





5 thoughts on “Brighton and Ashdown Forest

  1. Hi Liz thanks for liking my post. I lived in St. Leonard’s and Eastbourne for about 4 years. Left UK in 2014. I only spent a day in Brighton for a trading seminar but at least got to see it. Unfortunately my anxiety and a splitting headache forced me back home to my comfort zone shortly thereafter. PS as simple as my method sounds it really works. I understand that the thought of not using pharmaceuticals for even one shower sounds inconceivable but please give it a go. I am now completely free of anxiety. CBT therapists in the UK said I was untreatable and the medication really messed up my head. Good luck.

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    1. Thank you for your comment ☺️ What a shame your anxiety prevented you from seeing Brighton properly 😔 Thank you for your advice, I will look into it ☺️

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