Memories of Spain

I’ve been going to Spain for approximately 15 years now. My grandparents own a house out there and so we often go out there on holiday. We would spend a month in the summer. As I’ve got older I’ve gone elsewhere with friends or with my boyfriend. I thought I’d share some memories with you from Spain. Unfortunately, I haven’t got many of the scenery, however we’re going out there in June so I will try and get some! These pictures date back to 2012 and are in no particular order, however I have tried to put the most recent ones at the beginning.


We have a small house on a development in the South of Spain, unfortunately it’s a quite touristy, however that does come in handy when you fancy some home comforts. Spain was myself and my boyfriend’s first holiday abroad together. We had a great time relaxing on the beach and sat out on the terrace drinking of an evening.


There was a fair bit of drinking…

We made our own bloody marys and gin and tonics and would sit out on the terrace looking up at the stars and talking.


Our first holiday we were given a Fiat 500 Large. Now prior to driving this I had only driven little cars. This was also my first time driving abroad. I did a few little drives though and it was so much fun! Thankfully I’m now use to driving bigger cars and so wouldn’t mind hiring this one again!


And then there was so more drinking…

The terrace is also perfect for sitting outside and having a bbq. We have a tiny bbq that we use and it takes forever to cook anything but that seems to just add to the fun of it! What can I say? I’m a true Brit and have a bbq at the first sign of any sun!


The little town of Mazarron has a market on a Saturday morning (with one in the port on a Sunday). Nestled in the middle of the market is an entrance into a church. It’s absolutely beautiful inside and a real hidden gem!

Where we are in Spain we’re close to lots of different beaches – some busy and others that are less known about (probably because they require driving over mountain ranges!)

When we visit La Manga we usually go to this German restaurant, they do the most amazing ‘macaroni’ (which is actually a pasta bake) and garlic potatoes. We haven’t been since I have been gluten free and so I’m not sure whether I’d be able to eat there again. I’m a little worried about going out there and eating gluten free this summer but thankfully we have our own kitchen and so if it’s difficult I can just prepare all my own food. I will let you know!

The Sierra Espunas 


The Sierra Espunas is based in the Murcia region and is a mountain range full of beautiful scenery and quirky stopping points. The above picture is Casa Rosa (Although it’s not very pink!) Here are a few pictures taken on and around the Sierra Espunas.






The Sierra Espunas are absolutely beautiful! I haven’t taken my boyfriend there yet as the roads are a bit dicey but I think we are going to attempt it this summer. I hope to do a more informative post on it when we visit so look out for that in the summer!


The beaches are gorgeous and the majority of them in the area are unspoilt. They’re perfect for a beach day and a picnic.

The beaches in Spain can be horrific in August time as all the tourists descend and the Spanish often go south for the holidays. This can often mean that you’re nose to nose with another family on the beach!


In the past I have driven out to Spain with my family as we take our dog. It’s taken many years of learning but we now know how best to help him acclimatise to the heat and he loves it out there. He enjoys sitting out on the front terrace and watching the world go by – with the occasion bark at a passing dog.

IMG_4037.JPGWe once had a big removable pool up on our roof terrace which was amazing! However, we no longer all go out there for a month as so it’s not worth putting up for a couple of us when we just go out there for the week.

I promise to get some more travel-like pictures and do a more informative post. Because I know the area so well I don’t think to take pictures when I’m out there!


Where your favourite holiday spot?






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