Anxiety and Vitamins

A few weeks ago I was incredibly tired and bruising ridiculously easily. Being female and a vegetarian I suspected that I was low on iron. I decided to take some supplements and see how I felt – if there was no improvement I would go to the doctors. I did some research online in an attempt to find some vegetarian vitamins. The information was so confusing and there is a lot of speculation over whether or not multi-vitamins even do anything for you. In the end whilst food shopping I came across the supermarket own brand – they were vegetarian, multi-vitamins and included iron. They were also a bargain at £3 for 180 tablets. I decided I had nothing to lose (other than £3 but that was a bargain compared to the others I had been looking at).

The Sainsbury’s Multivitamins and iron have the following in them:

  • Vitamin A – 800µg RE – Vitamin A supports your immune system, helps vision in dim lighting and aid the health of your skin and lining of your nose.
  • Vitamin D – 5.0µg – Keeps bones, teeth and muscles healthy.
  • Vitamin E – 12mg α-TE – Maintains healthy skin, eyes and strengthens the immune system.
  • Vitamin K – 75µg – Helps blood to clot.
  • Vitamin C – 80mg – Helps to protect cells, maintains healthy skin, blood vessels, bones and cartilage, helps wounds heal.
  • Iron – 14mg – HElps to make red blood cells which then carry oxygen around the body.

The below vitamins are all Vitamin B.

  • Thaiamin (Vitamin B1) – 1.1mg – Releases energy from food and aids the health of the nervous system.
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)– 1.4 mg – Aids the health of the skin, eyes and nervous system and releases energy from food.
  • Niacin (Vitamin B3) – 16mg – Releases energy from food and helps to keep the skin and nervous system healthy.
  • Panetotehnic acid – 6.0mg – Releases energy from food.
  • Vitamin B6 – 1.4mg – Helps the body to store and use energy from protein and carbohydrates. Aids the formation of haemoglobin which carries oxygen around the body.
  • Folic Acid – 200µg – Helps create healthy red blood cells and reduces the risk of central neural tube defects in unborn babies (although I note that the bottle states that these vitamins are not suitable for pregnant women)
  • Vitamin B12 – 2.5µg – Makes red blood cells, keeps the nervous system healthy and releases energy from food
  • Biotin – 50µg – Breaks down fat

*The information about which each vitamin is can be found on the NHS website.

Having just researched the different vitamins I have discovered that many of the vitamins exceed my daily necessary intake and this excludes any vitamins and minerals that I am gaining from the foods I eat. There’s a lot of debate over whether vitamins are good for you. I could tell from the way that I was feeling I needed a boost. I doubt I will continue to take them for years and years but for now I believe they’re helping me. I may do some research and perhaps try and get some vitamins for women as they will contain the recommended lower doses. For now though, I believe these Sainsburys own ones will do.

Multi-Vitamins and Anxiety – 

I believe that multi-vitamins have helped me with my anxiety.

They have improved my physical health which in turn means I am in a better position to consider my mental health. I’m not as tired as I was and I have more energy and so I believe that the vitamins are making a difference to me. I guess it could be a placebo affect but I am happy with how it is affecting me right now. Vitamins have indirectly helped me with my anxiety and they have ensured that I am feeling strong enough to tackle it.

If you’re interested in how your diet can affect your mental healthy then I did a collaboration post which can be found here.

Taking supplements is a very individual thing but perhaps if you’re feeling a little bit lacking then it might be worth trialling some vitamins for a few weeks to see whether they make any difference.


Does anyone take vitamins? What is your experience?






22 thoughts on “Anxiety and Vitamins

    1. Thanks I’ll have a look! ☺️ I’m a little sceptical too but when I’m struggling with my depression and anxiety cooking balanced meals can be quite difficult so they’re a handy pick me up. Or at least they serve a good placebo affect!


      1. I agree it can be hard when you are on low days. I try and combat it with having stuff to pick at so I don’t have to put so much effort in. Nuts etc are good for that. But I agree it can be hard.


      2. That’s a really good approach to have! ☺️ I’ve been making an effort to put pine nuts on my dinners and include a piece of fruit and vegetables with my lunch. Some days it goes well, others not so much 😆


  1. The only vitamin I take is B12. According to the research my wife and I did when we changed to a vegan lifestyle, that’s the only item a vegan diet can’t supply.
    Outside of that, I also take alfalfa tablets, organic spirulina, and both pro- and prebiotics. I have found taking natural supplements, rather than multi-vitamins, is much better as they are typically absorbed more readily into the bloodstream, and you don’t wind up taking too much of one vitamin or mineral just to get enough of another.


    1. I’ve gone 15 years on a vegetarian diet without many problems. However, I find that when depression and anxiety hits cooking balanced meals from scratch can be incredibly difficult and so vitamins are handy to grab and use as a ‘top-up’ until I’m back on my feet!

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  2. I take a vitamin d supplement and I really think it’s helped my depression and anxiety too for the same reasons. I’m not getting as physically ill and the vitamin D helps with mood from lack of sunshine. I used to just take a multi vit but now I take both and have noticed a big difference since doing that x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment ☺️ There’s definitely a place for vitamins/supplements when you’re suffering from depression and anxiety. I’m glad other people share my view ☺️x


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