Shoreham Village (Anxiety and Tea Gardens)

Last weekend the sun was shining and we had a few spare hours and so we decided to pop out for a walk. We visited a local village called Shoreham.

Shoreham is a quaint little village which boasts 4 pubs, all of which serve scrummy food and lovely views! The village also benefits from a small aircraft museum and a tea room.

We set off for our walk across the fields. During the end of the summer these fields are covered in wheat and then the fields are further transformed in September for the annual Heavy Horse Show.

There’s also a vineyard at Shoreham, it’s been there for a while but I’ve not had the chance to visit it…yet! It makes the scenery there even more beautiful with the fields of grape vines. You can also hear a faint hum of voices and laughter as you walk around the back, adding to the idyllic atmosphere.

The village is made up of a collection of old and new-er houses (mostly old!). It’s beautiful little roads lead down to country walks or beautiful views – you won’t be disappointed! Unfortunately there’s always lots of cars parked.

In the past we have eaten at The Crown – they do a lovely ploughmans and chips. I haven’t tried eating there since being gluten free so I’m not sure whether they cater for allergies and intolerances. It’s a nice stop just for a drink though.

This pub is the only one in the village that I have not been in to. It’s closed most of the week. Hopefully soon I will feel up to popping in and having something!

My anxiety wasn’t too bad today and so we decided to push me and go for a drink. The village was quite busy and being a Sunday the pubs were all full of people waiting for their roast dinners. I knew that the Aircraft Museum was nestled down one of the side roads and thought that perhaps the cafe there would be quieter.

I was right, when we arrived there was only one other family sat outside and a few people sat inside. My boyfriend and I each got a coffee and we went back outside to sit. I love it here as it’s so quirky and lots to look at.


The quirkiness came in handy as my anxiety began to flare up a little I spent my time distracting myself by looking at all the different bits and pieces strewn around. The museum’s garden is a little haven away from the crowds in the village.

I managed some of my coffee and felt quite proud of myself for at least trying. In hindsight coffee was not the best thing to order due to the caffeine, however I panicked whilst ordering and just got the same as my boyfriend. Hello social awkwardness. My boyfriend rolled his eyes slightly as I asked him to take a picture of me documenting my little achievement – he still did it though (he knows what’s best for him).

We slowly made our way back to the car, passing the other tea room in the village. It looks very quaint but quite small inside – not something my anxiety fancies tackling yet! Hopefully one day soon.

We walked back through the churchyard to avoid walking along the road and dodging the cars. Unfortunately the church is undergoing some work and so this was the only picture of the exterior that wasn’t ruined by the scaffolding!

The church was open and so we decided to have a quick look around inside.

The church had a calm atmosphere and the sun shone in through the windows. It was beautiful and so peaceful – until I had to blow my nose. Sorry!

We made our way home to cook a roast, happy that we had been out briefly and I had somewhat tackled my anxiety. There’s so much more of Shoreham to show you, however it was ridiculously busy. I shall go back during the week sometime soon and show you some more of the village’s beauty spots.

Where’s your favourite place to go for a walk?





12 thoughts on “Shoreham Village (Anxiety and Tea Gardens)

  1. Such lovely photos (I am going to have to try and start taking pictures for my blog). The only place in Montreal that has the same kind atmosphere and positive energy from your visit to Shoreham is in Old Montrea. A few parts of the city like Rue Saint Denis and the Main also have some real charm though not really fun to take photos in the winter, so I guess I have a spring project. Keep bringing us these amazing glimpses of your adventures, they are inspiring.

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  2. You are inspiring me! As soon as our weather gets nicer, I can’t wait to go out for some peaceful walks, maybe even find some quiet places for a cup of tea! (I’ll prolly pack my own, I don’t eat out anywhere unless the whole place is gluten free. Here it just isn’t safe.)

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    1. Thank you! It can be so relaxing and grounding to just be out for a nice walk with beautiful surroundings ☺️ Thats annoying that you can’t trust anywhere to really be gluten free 😫

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