A week in outfits #6

If you read my weekend update you will know that I had a pretty bad week. This reflected on my outfits for the week.

I’m afraid there’s nothing too exciting but here goes! As promised I will continue to document my weeks in this form as an insight into both my outfits and my mental health/ daily activities!

Saturday 16th February –

After having a really positive Friday I felt really down on the Saturday. This tends to happen and so I allow for it. I forced myself to pop out for an hour to some shops but didn’t really feel up to it.

This is by far the worst camera angle for my legs!

Or rather I should be saying, where are my legs?

I wore my grey polo neck from Religion with my French Connection denim skirt – which looks huge on me in pictures but in reality it’s verging on being a bit small!

Sunday 17th February –

Sunday I felt a little better. We popped out for a walk, I’ve just uploaded a post on it which can be found here. I wore my Zara dress with an old faux suede coat/jacket from River Island, however it’s a still that they seem to bring back every spring!

Monday 18th February –

I couldn’t shake the depression this week and so I spent most of the week in this outfit or similar. I did spend a few fun hours cleaning the oven. Wild. These trousers are so soft and comfortable and were a bargain in the New Look sales!

Wednesday 20th February –

I tried to make a bit more of an effort today. After showering I forced myself to do my make up and put on this ASOS jumpsuit. I felt better in myself for making an effort! My little cousin decided he didn’t want to go out for a walk in the afternoon so he stayed home with me and we cuddled up on the sofa and watched television. I love seeing my little cousins on days I’m feeling down as they always know how to cheer me up. It’s also quite nice when they go home haha.

Friday 22nd February –

 Friday was the best day of the week. My partner got home early from work and we decided to pop out. It was dark by the time he got home and so we decided to pop to the local shopping centre for a walk round. I wanted to make an effort and wore this old Topshop pinafore dress over a plain black t-shirt and some knee high suede boots from Clarks. I love these boots as they have an unusual square toe!

As you can see there’s quite a few days missing this week.

This week seems to be going a bit better so fingers crossed 🤞🏼






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