A three year old and green chocolate car biscuits

I didn’t get to bake last week with my little cousin as I had some tight deadlines with work. I felt really guilty and so I gave him the choice of what we baked this week. He asked to bake car shaped biscuits again. I decided to change it up slightly and use a different recipe to make chocolate car shaped biscuits. Unfortunately, they’re not gluten free – I still haven’t got round to buying some flour!

If you’re interested then the recipe can be found here.

Whilst I was busy prepping the ingredients my little helper decided he was going to make me a red car. He proudly handed me this car and we kept it sat next to us while we baked.

I halved the recipe and we still made a ridiculous amount of biscuits! I also had some chocolate buttons in the fridge that needed using so we added these to make the biscuits even more chocolatey.

One by one he squeezed each cube of butter and dropped it into the bowl – leaving a pile of half melted butter. Yum.

The recipe said to cream together the butter and sugar but he tends to lose interest while I’m busy doing that and so we began by rubbing the butter and sugar together. This created a texture which meant I could quickly cream together the butter and sugar.

It ended in me doing most of the work as my little helped decided to throw flour around the room whilst giggling hysterically and watched it float through the air. He was having so much fun that I couldn’t bring myself to tell him off and instead resigned myself to a big clean up. Eventually he got bored and moved onto eating the raw mixture. When I suggested he wait until the biscuits were cooked he announced he didn’t intend on eating them.

We made loads of biscuits! They vaguely kept their car shape, however much to my little helper’s horror… they were not green.

We set about remedying this and made some green icing – obviously using a green spoon too…

In the eyes of my little helped green is the only colour.

I stood back, drinking my coffee and watched as he drenched each biscuit in green icing. Thankfully we had decided that we would only choose 5 biscuits to ice and leave the others plain.

Eventually I stepped in and helped to smooth the icing over the biscuit and scrape some of the excess off.

We were very proud of our bright green car shaped biscuits and I’m told they taste good!


When I’ve had a bad week and feel really down it’s so much fun to do something with my little cousins. They always do/say something which will put a smile of my face.






7 thoughts on “A three year old and green chocolate car biscuits

    1. Thank you! I’m gutted that I didn’t have any gluten free flour in so couldn’t even taste one 😫 There was a huge mess but it was worth it ☺️😆


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