Share your blog statistics

I love seeing how my views fluctuate on specific days of the week. I’m wondering if everyone’s blogs follow the same pattern as mine.

Drop a comment below telling me your slowest day of the week and your busiest. Let’s see if there’s a pattern!




29 thoughts on “Share your blog statistics

  1. Generally later in the week seems to get more traffic. Twitter is another story, that really seems to depend on how active I am. The one stat that I would love to take a look at is how much traffic from Twitter filters over to the blog. At least we all seem to be growing our readership and that is always a good thing.

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    1. I find Thursday and Sundays to be generally be quieter 🤔 Twitter I can’t wrap my head around yet 😆 I seem to put the same effort in and sometimes get 1 followed and other times I get 10!

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    1. Oh really that’s so interesting! I find mine is quieter on a Thursday and Sunday 🤔 Perhaps my content is lacking on those days 😆 I’m very new to Twitter and quite new to Instagram so haven’t got a clue what I’m doing there right now 🙈


    1. I find Monday-Wednesday has more traffic and a Friday I get quite a bit. I’m not sure about time wise, I also post mine at midday but I have a lot of readers in America so I’m not sure the time difference benefits them 🤔


      1. I am so happy to hear that! I am glad I’m feeling better also. I think my Girl friend will be better also I hope, now that I won’t be so crabby. 😉

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      2. I am going to need to do something special to make up for my bad behavior with her. She will say no but I will still do it. She is very deserving of special things!


  2. Mine has no pattern other than higher stats in general only on days I publish a post. But I frequent another blog and leave comments there which has driven traffic back to my blog organically. That’s always nice!


  3. I find Monday – Thursday to have the most traffic. The weekends typically seem quieter. Twitter used to be a great site for sharing for me, but a few years ago things changed there. I came back to it and am now giving it another try!

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  4. I’ve only recently started blogging but so far Tuesdays seem to be when I get the most traffic, when I get it. I don’t really have a single day that sticks out as the slowest because right now they all tend to be. But I’m staying optimistic. I didn’t start this expecting hundreds of people to visit right from the beginning.

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    1. It’s fascinating to watch your stats change and to hear about other people’s! It’s a learning curve as to what influences them ☺️


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