A week in outfits #7

This week got off to a very bad start, however I managed to get myself back on track again. Friday has been difficult, I think it’s because I had no plans and so I was forced to confront how I was feeling.

Saturday 23rd February – 

We popped to Bromley to do some shopping today. Normally we go to shops on a Sunday and so had not factored in how much busier they would be on a Saturday. My anxiety was bad but the crowds made it even worse. We only stayed for about half an hour and left empty handed as my anxiety became too much for me to handle. I wore this very old dress which I once purchased from a random clothing website. It was cheap and it shows in its fit. It’s quite big for me but I love the pattern so much that I refuse to part with it.

Sunday 24th February – 

Following my anxiety flare up I spent Sunday in my pyjamas feeling sorry for myself. If you’re interested to read more about today then I spoke quite openly about it in my weekend update which can be found here.

Monday 25th February – 

My partner was off today and we went for a walk at Lullingstone. I wore this jumpsuit from Urban Outfitters and layered it up with a long sleeve top underneath. I love this jumpsuit as it’s so comfortable to wear. It’s perfect for on holiday with it’s daring neckline and low back. I purchased this last summer, however I noticed that Urban Outfitters have one similar to this in stock at the moment. It’s a square neckline but does have pockets! They had this square neck version available last summer so it’s possible they may have brought this one out again this year. It’s a suede-like material and so incredibly soft. The only negative is that it’s a raw hem on the cut off trousers and so has the potential to eventually look quite tatty!

Tuesday 26th February –

My brother is off to America soon to spend 5 weeks there with his girlfriend. Today he and my mum popped over and we popped into town so he could get his hair cut. It was nice to see him and have a catch up before he goes away.

I wore these Topshop ripped blue jeans with a white summery top and a faux suede jacket from New Look. It was really warm here in England today and I was too hot with my jacket on! We’ve been experiencing such crazy weather!

Wednesday 27th February –

My little cousins are over on a Wednesday so I didn’t bother making too much of an effort – I knew I would only end up covered in food. I decided to re-wear my Topshop ripped jeans to save dirtying a new pair and grabbed my Topshop t-shirt complete with an avocado pun which was completely wasted on a 3 and 1 year old.

Thursday 28th February –

Today was a difficult day. It was the year anniversary since my dad’s accident. It brought back a lot of memories and on top of that he has tests at hospital tomorrow which is nerve wracking. I went to pick up my cousin from nursery and he immediately cheered me up and gave me his lego car to fix – I ended up breaking it even further before fixing it.

You’ve seen this dress many times but it’s just some comfortable! If you’re new here it’s from New Look and was a bargain in the sales for £8. I paired it with my dark red Topshop coat and Kate Spade saddle bag to go out. It poured down and I regretted not wearing a waterproof coat.

Friday 1st March –

The start of a new month is always incredibly daunting – what will go well and what will go wrong? It also highlights what little progress I have made with another months passing. I really struggled with today, I wanted to go out but nobody was available to go out with me and so I was stuck in. I got quite angry at myself today, which is unusual but I was so frustrated that I couldn’t just grabbed the car keys and go out on my own for a bit. I’ve drafted a blog post on how I felt today, look out for it on Saturday.

I wore this oversized New Look shirt, leggings and a faux fur gilet as it’s now freezing here in England again.

I’ looking forward to the weekend to hopefully get out and about a little bit – I need it after this week!







8 thoughts on “A week in outfits #7

    1. Thank you! I’m always a little bit worried that these posts are too fashion-related which isn’t why a lot of people follow my blog! It’s something I enjoy though and so I like sharing it alongside how my week has gone ☺️ I’m very happy to hear you enjoy the weekly post! xxx

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  1. I think that the fashion approach to documenting your ability to manage your anxiety highlights the reality of living living with anxiety. I always feel encouraged by your posts to make my very best effort in my own day to day adventures.

    Liked by 1 person

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