A look at my perfumes

I don’t know much about perfume, you’ll see from this post that I’m not vey adventurous with it. However, the few that I have tried I absolutely adore. I thought I’d share my favourites with you and hope that you’ll drop a comment letting me know what your favourite is!

I’ve been wearing this Jo Malone Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne for over a year now. The first time I smelt it I absolutely adored it. Prior to owning this I had only ever had sickly-sweet perfumes and so this felt really grown up. I asked for it for Christmas one year and spent the entire year only occasionally using it as I didn’t want to finish the bottle. I asked for another one this Christmas just gone which allowed me to use up the old bottle. I still absolutely adore this perfume and can see it becoming a tradition to get a bottle at Christmas.

It’s crazy but this is the only perfume that I have treated myself to. I received a sample in a magazine ages ago and loved it so much I decided I had to have it. It’s the Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Eau de Parfum. It’s a beautiful fresh smell with floral hints. It’s still quite sweet but perfect for summer.

This perfume holds extreme sentimental value for me. When my partner and I first started going out together he went on holiday and asked what I’d like as a present. We were still quite a new couple and so I did the polite thing and told him I didn’t want him to worry about getting me a present. He ignored what I had said and brought me home this Michael Kors Rose Radiant Gold perfume. It’s a very overpowering smell but beautiful at the same time. It’s perfect for an evening out but not so much a day perfume. I save it for very special occasions which is a bit silly as it’s probably out of date now.

This was my first ever perfume. It’s Pink Sugar by Aquolina. Back in the day when England had a Sephora I would buy it from there – or rather my family would buy it for me. When Sephora shut down, with the help of my uncle, I ordered it online. It’s now quite easy to get hold of online. It’s probably the sweetest perfume you will ever come across and smells like candy floss. I still wear it and when this bottle is finished it’s definitely one I will be replacing.







14 thoughts on “A look at my perfumes

  1. I’ve just discovered Jo Malone and am in love! So far I’ve bought English Oak and Redcurrant, (deep and powerful) Nectarine Blossom and Honey (a bit too sweet for me) and English Pear and Freesia (exotic deep based floral) which I adore. They’re hard to find on this side of the pond though.

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      1. Oh that’s annoying! They’re definitely worth hunting down – they smell so good and the smell lasts ☺️


      1. Originally this blog followed my experience of eating gluten free and I shared recipes. However, as my mental Heath deteriorated I decided I wanted to talk about it ☺️


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